15 plants that are lucky and good for the home?

Good Luck plants are believed to introduce good luck, happiness, and love in the surrounding environment. These plants not only bring good luck but also help in decorating your indoors.

It is scientifically proven that plants can refresh one’s mood and help them to feel fresh and energetic.

15 Plants which are lucky and good for home are as follows:

1- Palms

Palms are considered very lucky for indoors due to their ability to create dividers because of their perfect size. You can experience a lot of fresh air and energy because of the natural tropical feel provided by palms.

Besides attracting good amounts of fresh energy, palms turn on missing Feng Shui elements (it is a Chinese term, which means the orientation of flow energy) in the atmosphere.

Palms also helps in eliminating harmful dust particles from the carpets. These dust particles can carry xylene and formaldehyde in them, which are eliminated by palms very conveniently.

Thus, Palms helps in purifying the air in the atmosphere and enables us to breathe in the fresh air and make us feel fresh and energetic.

2- Pachira Money Tree

Feng Shui believed that this plant can bring good luck and prosperity to the surroundings.

“Feng Shui” is a branch of ancient science that was developed in China around 3,000 years back. “Feng” means wind and “Shui” means water.

Chinese always believed that wind and water are associated with good health, that’s why they name this branch as Feng Shui.

These plants are generally grown in Central and South America, believing that these plants bring good luck.

Also, they are sold as a good omen to make money.

Not only this, but people also believed that this plant leaves with more than 5 fingers are very lucky for homes and offices.

Pachira Money Tree is not only considered lucky by Feng Shui but also by Vastu it is considered very lucky for homes and offices.

3- Money Plant

As per Vastu and Feng Shui, Money plants are very lucky for homes, offices, and public places. It is believed that these plants come with good luck with them and generate happiness in one’s life.

The round and edged leaves of Money Plant are a symbol of good luck.

It is found very lucky to keep these plants in the southeast direction in our homes for good wealth as the southeast direction is believed to be Lord Ganesha’s direction and planet Venus rules over in this direction.

Apart from this, Money Plant can also help in purifying the air around its atmosphere as it helps to eliminate toxic compounds like benzene, xylene, and formaldehyde from the surroundings.

4- Lucky Bamboo


Lucky Bamboo is always considered as good fortune by Asian culture from ages. Chinese called Lucky bamboo by the name “Fu Gwey Zhu” which symbolizes luck, power, and honor.

The word

  • “Fu” means luck and fortune
  • “Gwey” means honor
  • And “Zhu” means Bamboo

It is believed that this plant brings all the five elements of Feng Shui with itself that is Fire, Earth, Wood, Water, and Metal and thus generate positivity all around.

This plant is considered luckier if placed in the east or in the south-east direction.

This plant can be the best choice for those who can’t take care of the plant often and at the same time wants the plant to grow healthy. Lucky bamboo needs very little care and maintenance and is able to survive in almost all conditions.

5- Snake Plant

It is believed by Feng Shui that this plant can generate positive vibes in an atmosphere of crowds.

Dracaena trifasciata commonly called snake plants are generally grown in tropical west Africa and are very popular in terms of purifying the air.

The snake plant is often referred to as mother-in-law’s tongue because of its leaves’ shape. This plant needs very little care and it is almost impossible to kill it naturally.

Snake plants help to eliminate toxic substances like Benzene, formaldehyde from the surroundings. This plant presence around you always ensures you to breathe in the fresh air.

6- Jade Plant

Jade Plant is an incredibly beautiful plant with rounded leaves. It is believed that this plant is very lucky for businessmen, and that’s the reason this plant is often gifted to businessmen wishing them luck and praying for their growth in business.

Not only this, but it is also believed that the Jade plant is ten times luckier when placed at the entrance of the doors, offices, or any public places.

Scientifically called as Crassula ovata, Jade plants are very low maintenance plants with appealing looks. Also, sometimes it’s leaves are used for curing diseases like diarrhea, nausea, etc.

These plants really love the sun and prefer to be in sunlight all the time. So, if you are thinking of having one in your homes, just make sure that your plant is receiving a minimum of 3 hours of sunlight.

7- Potted orchids

Orchids are symbols of love. Nowadays, orchids are generally gifted to express love and on the same side, these plants are extremely beautiful and attractive in nature.

Orchids bring wealth, good luck, love, and prosperity in our homes and offices and this is believed by Feng Shui.

Orchids are very expensive as it is an endangered plant species and the government doesn’t preserve it well for its protection. Orchids belong to the family Orchidaceae and this family is one of the biggest flowering families in the world.

Also, the unique property of orchids which makes it stand out from others is that they release oxygen at night, which can be proven very healthy for the owner. Orchids with their amazing looks are also safe for your pets, they do not release any toxic substances in the body of your pet if your pet eats its leaves. Therefore it is completely safe for use.

8- Tulsi or basil

Tulsi or Basil which are members of the Lamiaceae family is natively found in Asia. In Asia, mostly in India, Tulsi plants are worshipped and it is believed that this plant is very lucky and brings good luck, wealth, happiness, and prosperity in homes.

Scientifically called as Ocimum Sanctum, Tulsi Plant can be found in almost every Indian house.

Laxmi Tulsi, Ram Tulsi, Krishna Tulsi are some of the species which are found and worshipped in India.

There is no doubt in believing that this plant is very lucky and is very important in the Hindu religion.

Tulsi can bring lots of positive energy and kill various bacteria. It has been recommended by NASA to meditate in front of the Tulsi plant at least twice a week to eliminate all the negative energy from the body and help to calm your mental state.

The leaves of this plant are also very useful at the same time and are used to cure various diseases.

9- Peace Lily

Peace Lily can be the best choice for those who are unable to take care of plants regularly, as this plant needs water only once in a week.

It is believed by Feng Shui that this plant brings best fortunes with it. Not only this, but Peace Lily also purifies the air in the surroundings and eliminates or kills all the harmful gases and compounds like Carbon Monoxide and formaldehyde from the environment, thus cleansing the air.

One has to keep in mind that these plants can be toxic to cats and dogs if plant leaves are eaten by them. The leaves produce some toxic, harmful compounds in the body of your pet which can result in poisoning and can be very dangerous for your pets.

So, if you want safety for your pets, generally avoid this plant. Otherwise, this can be your best choice for homes, offices to bring luck.

10- Rubber Plant

Rubber plants that are natively found in South Asia and Southeast Asia are considered very lucky for homes, offices, or any public places.

According to Feng Shui, Rubber plants bring the best fortunes, wealth in our homes. Also, it’s beautiful leaves symbolizes good luck for money and are very beneficial too.

Rubber plants can purify the air around it and thus eliminate all the harmful and toxic gases from the surroundings like carbon monoxide and formaldehyde.

It is believed that this plant can induce a sense of positivity in the atmosphere and can freshen up your mood.

Rubber plants generally avoid direct sunlight and love to be in bright but indirect sunlight. Misting should be done regularly for its perfect growth.

NASA also suggested that these plants can produce oxygen in the atmosphere and thus enable ones to breathe in the fresh air. As per Vastu, Rubber Plants leaves are symbols of wealth and good business growth.

11- English Ivy

English Ivy plant which is scientifically called “Hedera helix” is a type of flowering plant which belongs to family Araliaceae and is grown generally in Europe and Western Asia.

Other common names of English Ivy include European Ivy or simply Ivy. This plant is best known for its beautiful appearance and apart from its air-purifying quality, people preferred it because this plant decorates their homes, offices very well and gives a very pleasant atmosphere.

These plants are considered very lucky for homes, and offices and can generate a sense of positivity in the atmosphere.

Research claims that this plant leaves can be used to cure diseases like bronchitis and asthma. However, this plant can be poisonous to humans and pets when taken orally and can lead to vomits and other problems.

12- Boston fern

Boston fern is a kind of hanging plant which is used to fill our homes with positive energy. It is believed that these plants bring good fortunes and create a sense of positivity in the environment. Not only this, but this plant also helps in purifying the air by eliminating harmful toxic gases from the environment like carbon monoxide and thus cleans the air. Moisture levels can also be improved by this plant.

These plants are completely safe for your pets and thus can be proven as your best choice to choose these plants in your homes.

13- Spider Plant

Spider plant which is scientifically called “Chlorophytum comosum” is also called airplane plant. These plants can increase oxygen levels in the surroundings and help to absorb harmful substances like xylene, carbon monoxide, and formaldehyde. Also, these plants are safe for cats and dogs as they don’t produce any toxic chemicals in the pet body and thus are safe for homes.

These plants require very little maintenance and can grow in any kind of atmosphere.

14- Lotus

Lotus is believed to bring good wealth in our homes. Lotus plants are considered very pure and can induce a lot of positive energy in the environment.

These plants love sunlight, and generally need almost 8 hours of sunlight in a day. pH is a very important factor for its healthy growth, so make sure that your soil has optimum pH to support its healthy growth. As you all know, the lotus is aquatic plants and is grown in water. So, do not ever let6 the water dry, otherwise, it will not be good for your lotus growth.

As per Vastu, this plant brings wealth and prosperity to homes and is very lucky.

15- Morning Glory

Morning glory plants are considered very lucky for homes and with its appealing looks, it can be your best choice to make your surroundings fresh.

It is believed that this plant brings happiness and peace with them and is lucky for homes. Not only this, but it is also believed that this plant can help you to get rid of fearful nightmares. These are very popular because of their beautiful appearance and are considered generally for this reason only.


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