9 Best Composting Products to Turn Kitchen Waste into Soil

Kitchen wastes are among the most useful composting matter than you can readily create and have access to at any time.

Kitchen wastes are common in every household and better than disposing of this highly nutritious and helpful crop and plant food, it is best to convert this into plant manure and composting it with soil to increase and add nourishment to your plants and house gardens.

This is a very efficient way of using waste items to recycle them into useful fertilizer.

Food wastes and usual kitchen debris has a lot of organic elements and natural composition. It can be very beneficial for the plants if it is composted to form fertilizer. This process is neither too time-consuming, nor expensive.

The best part is that it is a double benefit to the environment as well because it prevents improper or rapid disposal of waste, and one the other hand, this also helps the greens, flowers, and herbs in your house gardens and backyards to grow well.

If you don’t have this habit of converting your daily kitchen wastes into useful fertilizer for plants then now is the perfect time to begin! We have a list of products that will help you in efficiently recycling your kitchen waste into useful compost soil and ways of how to do it correctly.

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9 Amazing composting products to turn kitchen wastes into soil for your plants:

  1. A Countertop Collector – Abakoo Stainless steel Compost Bin

This product is a big and useful compost bin where you can easily store your kitchen wastes. This compost collector bin makes your kitchen waste composting a lot easier and less messy.

Many brands sell such countertop collector bins which can be used to store your kitchen wastes and turn them into organic matter for your plant’s soil needs. The countertop collector comes in a convenient size and a stainless steel structure.

It can store up to 1.5 gallons of kitchen debris and the size is very efficient to be kept in your kitchen, countertop, backyard, or anywhere in your homes.  The look of this item is also very flattering and has a good display.

The bin comes with a sturdy and well-fitted lid that keeps all the waste intact inside the bin and keeps any odor or germs and insects away from the composting waste.

It also has a charcoal filter that helps in trapping the foul smell along with a protective interior coating so that the bin is kept away from corroding and rusting from the inside.

The bin is great to store products anytime and can be transported easily. It is also very simple to clean the bin after using it.

This product will last you longer and keep your biodegradable kitchen wastes continuously useful for regular composting to make fertilizer for your gardens plants.

All you need to do is add all the wastes such as food scrapes, vegetable and fruit peels, tea bags, coffee grounds, eggshells, etc. into the countertop compost collector and when full you can take this composting waste to your bigger backyard composting pile.

  1. The Squirm Firm Worm Factory 360

Instead of using a bin or a backyard composting tumbler, you can even use this worm factory composting products. This is an advanced style of a composting bin and has structured layers.

This specific item is one that has 4 standard trays which can be expanded to form even 8. It helps you to compost a lot of waste all together or in continuous batches.

The size and structure is very convenient and the expanded version makes it one among the largest at-home composter that is very handy to use.

This Worm Factory 360 composting bin from Squirm Firm includes a step-by-step instructions guide that can be used to set up the fixture and use it.

This worm farm makes use of worms to compost and break down the waste. This product is made efficiently so that it can add extra nutritional value to your kitchen and garden wastes to be composted.

The very compact and spatially efficient design is very easy to store and handle. This works all the time to facilitate the breaking down of the compost with water-soluble nutrients for plants and microbes that assist the process.

All you need to do is add the worms to the tray at the bottom and place your waste on the tray on top of the worm tray.

As your trays keep filling, keep piling more waste of the trays and let the worms crawl up and carry out the composting all by them. The first batch would take around 3 to 4 months to get ready and the later trays develop faster.

This kit also includes a moisture meter and pH measuring scale to have a check on the growing and composting conditions. It also comes with other useful tools and accessories to carry out the composting.

  1. The Compost Crank Aerator

Aeration and supplying oxygen to your composting waste is very necessary. It is required to stir the waste every once a while to assist and facilitate the composting procedure.

The Compost Crank Compost Aerator by Lotech Products is a very handy tool to carry out the aerating in your home compost piles.

This 45-inch long compost aerator helps you to turn your piling compost and gives it more oxygen required for decomposition.

The process of aerating the composting waste is also essential as it keeps the waste light and prevents rotting beyond the limit as well as reduces the chances of it turning stinky.

This product is easy and handy to use and wash. All you have to do is insert this crank into the waste and turn it clockwise with the handles.

Lift the crank inside the pile without turning the corkscrew to pick up piles from the bottom and aerate them. Continue this procedure to thoroughly mix and lift the compost. This loosens the materials and allows oxygen to enter the pile.

This item is very durable and also easily works with heavy wastes and tangling vines. It helps you to efficiently carry out your composting process and makes it less time-consuming.

  1. Dr. Earth 727 Compost Starter

Many a time you need a composting agent to quicken your decomposition of garden and kitchen wastes. Adding such agents makes your kitchen and yard waste compost a lot more nutritious, efficient, and fast.

This Compost starter pack by Dr. Earth contains a lot of goodies to assist your composting pile. It includes a blend of seaweed extracts, alfalfa meal, and other beneficial soil microbes.

It is all organic and helps in perfecting the nourishment value of your compost and also creates 100% true humus. Adding this superior blend of nutrients and microbes helps to speed up the process of composting.

You can add this compost starter blend to any kind of composting applications to facilitate the process and increase the nutritional quality of the compost.

  1. Uncle Jim’s worm farm 1,000 count red wiggler live composting worms

Worms are the best composting agents. Using these naturally wonderful creatures to your kitchen waste’s compost pile help it to turn into a very nutritious plant fertilizer.

Worms, especially red wigglers are great natural agents to break down the compost into the soil and speed up the decomposition process.

These worms work great and convert a lot of waste into compost every day. The worms can work miraculously fast and eat up almost their body weight worth waste to decompose them.

Adding these to your compost pile is a great idea and a value for money. Using this product is very easy. Just add Uncle Jim’s 100 count red wigglers into your soil or compost pile and reap better organic manures and fertilizers without the use of chemicals. The process is truly natural helps in the growth of plants and herbs in your gardens.

  1. Bosmere K783 Kitchen Compost Caddy

This kitchen waste storing and composting unit is very useful and made of a heavy material molded plastic. This compost collector bin is made out of recycled plastic and has a capacity of 2.3 gallons.

The measurements of this bin lets you store a lot of kitchen waste in it together, reducing your trips to the backyard or garden compost pile.

The Lid of this Kitchen compost caddy is equipped with carbon filters that help in keeping away the stinky smell of biodegradable waste that decomposes and breaks down inside this bin. The filters are also replaceable.

The lid is spill and leaks free and stores all the wastes such as vegetable and fruit peels, food scraps, tea bags, eggshells, coffee grounds, etc.

You can easily store kitchen and home wastes up to 4 months into this bin and then take it out for further composting.

  1. Elever Compost Bin

Compost bins are useful in the kitchens to store the everyday food and biodegradable wastes for composting. Elever brings to its customer a very handy compost bin that can carry out this rather messy task cleanly and simply.

The compost bin is made from stainless steel and can hold a gallon of kitchen waste.

It is also a very stylish product that can be kept in your kitchens or anywhere in the house as it has a very efficient size. This bin comes with an inner bucket for storing waste.

This inner plastic bucket can be easily taken out and the waste can be drained into the larger compost piles. The bins are washable and their lid provides enough circulation of air and maintains a good temperature and moisture inside the compost bin.

The bin comes with charcoal filters that keep away the bad odor from the waste and it also has fruit fly trapping mechanisms to keep away a build of these insects and germs around the decomposing lot.

The filters can also be washed and re-used.

The outer bin as well as the lid is made up of stainless steel and the inner bucket is made of sturdy plastic. Thus it is also very durable.

  1. The Spin Bin Composter

This composting tumbler is an American designed and 60-gallon bin for storing wastes from the kitchen and gardens to convert them into soil and use as organic nutrition and fertilizer for your gardens and plants.

This product is made from recycled plastic and can hold a lot of waste together. The black plastic color helps to absorb more heat when kept outside and speeds up the composting procedure.

This bin is equipped with 20 ventilation slots and drainage slots that help in aerating the waste inside.

The rotating tumbler is useful for easily mixing the contents inside the bin. The bin has sturdy and durable features and it also avoids pests and insects inside and around the composting waste.

There are instructions provided on the lid of the product and with this, you can store and manage your everyday kitchen wastes along with backyard wastes and converts them into useful compost soil.

  1. Roebic Laboratories Bacterial Compost Accelerator

If you are looking for a composting agent that can make your kitchen waste composting quicker, then this is the one product you will need.

This contains special bacteria that speed up the breaking down of the organic elements in the compost lots.

This product has a lot of facilities like – it is composed to maintain the pH of your composting piles, it can be used in various climatic and temperature settings, it boosts the microbial activity that causes decomposition, thus accelerating the composting process, and is very easy to use.

It is also rich in magnesium and calcium and thus increases the nutrition value of your kitchen waste compost as well.

How to carry out composting of kitchen wastes at home:

Everyday kitchen waste can be piled up to produce useful manure in your gardens through composting them.

–         Keep aside biodegradable kitchen wastes such as vegetable and fruit peels, eggshells, teabags, etc.

–         Do not include milk products, oils, or other wet wastes.

–         After separating kitchen waste, store it in a compost bin/tumbler and add dry agents like wood ash, sawdust, composting agents found in stores, etc. This helps in increasing the pace of the composting process.

–         Apart from just kitchen waste, you can also add grass, weeds, dry leaves, flowers, and other garden wastes.

–         Turn and mix this mixture once in a day to ensure air circulation. It is best to have some air holes for excess water to drain out and for oxygen to enter the compost pile.

–         The kitchen compost bin contents can be taken to the larger backyard compost where it can get more sunlight and heat to decompose faster.

–         Within a period of 3 to 4 months, the wastes would turn dark and into a soil0like consistency. It is then ready to be used in your gardens are nutritious and organic fertilizers for your plants.


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