How can I make my Hoya Linearis grow faster?

                 Having Hoya Linearis growing in your beautiful balcony is bliss for the eyes of the viewer. It makes your balcony look very attractive and convincing from outside and appealing and fresh from inside. They bear white flowers from the end of summer to autumn. These flowers make your every morning energetic and fresh.

                 But what if your Hoya Linearis suddenly stops growing instead of growing faster and you don’t know the reason behind it. Well, in that case, you are in serious trouble and you will need to find out the reason behind it as early as you can.

Reasons why Hoya Linearis may suddenly stop growing:

It is recently discovered that Hoyas have their natives in Asia and Australia. They are in the family Apocynaceae and are very particular about their growing styles. Therefore, sometimes it happens that a Hoya Linearis, that grows beautifully in your garden or balcony, one day suddenly stops growing at leafed plant beside window blinds

This may be a huge setback for you. You will have to find reasons for it immediately. There may be many reasons for Hoya Linearis to stop growing suddenly. The reasons can be one from the below list-

  • Different requirements for different plants

As these are the perennial milkweeds, they need a different kind of atmosphere, away from the normal one. But, usually, all Hoya Linearis plants are assumed to be equal and given equal treatment. That is the major reason why all Hoyas don’t grow as expected and some stop growing suddenly while some may grow normally. Therefore, it is concluded from the latest researches that all Hoyas have different needs and one plant cannot be compared to the other.

  • The tolerating capacity of the Hoyas may cause trouble

Hoyas are quite tolerant plants. But that does not go with all the species. Some species are quite tolerant to dry air, while some like hot and humid, while some are too comfortable with the cooler temperatures. So, each plant should be treated according to its tolerating capacity of your plant beforehand. That needs a lot of observation and research.

  • Appropriate soil for the Hoya Linearis-

It is said that plants grow best when placed in the home soil. That is why; Hoya would grow best if placed in the Black Gold soil. This soil provides the best atmosphere to the plant and helps in its nourishment a lot more than the regular soil. It may also grow well in coco coir soul than in the bagged potting soil. Therefore, if you want to grow a Hoya Linearis plant at your place, then you should be very particular about the soil that you choose and the atmosphere that you provide to the plant.

  • Root rot can be a major concern-

If the material that you provide in the form of soil to the roots of Hoya is not fast-draining, then the roots of the plant may lead to rotting and that would be very dangerous for the plant. Roots are the food and strength source of the plant and if that gets damaged, then the plant would not be able to stand solid anymore. This may stop the Hoya Linearis from growing and flowering. So, it is very important to protect the roots of the plant and prevent them from rotting in any way possible.

  • Hoyas are sensitive to watering process-

The one who is keeping the Hoya plant should know that the plants are very water-sensitive. A little more of your watering can damage the structure and formations of the plant. While watering the plant, you will have to make sure that you water the plant only in the required amount. Not too little and not too excess. Because less watering may lead to drought conditions for the plant, while, excess watering may lead to soggy and wet roots. So, give the plant only the appropriate amount of water and don’t let it sit in the water.

green plants

More about the Hoyas:

         Hoyas are really interesting things to know more about. They have so many different features and specialties at all times when we choose to keep a Hoya for ourselves. Here are some facts about the various types of Hoya Linearis:

  • By a rule of thumb, it is proved that when Hoyas have thicker leaves, then they are more drought-tolerant as compared to when they have thinner leaves.
  • The Hoyas with thin leaves are always thirsty and need more and more water for their nourishment and care.
  • There are almost more than 500 species that can be cultivars or hybrids preset in all over the world. This makes the plant even more special and attracts more people to buy it for themselves or others as a gift or kind gesture.

Why should one have a Hoya Linearis in their house or garden?

       Hoyas are a very fresh and positive plant. It brings blissfulness and positivity to our homes and we should have a Hoya plant in our places of living.

  1. Hoyas have a lot of benefits in itself that can be stated as follows-
  2. Variably colored flowers make the scene where the Hoyas are placed, look beautiful.
  3. They exhale a lot of fresh oxygen that makes our breathing more pure and fresh.
  4. They are very fresh and make the surroundings in which they are placed fresh too.
  5. These plants have a very long trailing stems. These stems have small green leaves growing on it. These leaves look very beautiful and fresh in the morning dew.
  6. The size of the small Hoya Linearis plant is approximately 30-35cm in height. This makes it easy for the buyers of this plant to keep it at any place they feel convenient to be. These plants can be kept in a small balcony, in any corner, or can be placed in a garden or grounds to make them grow much more and faster than the growth in a small area.

From the above advantages of growing a Hoya Linearis in your surroundings, it is clear that they may bring a lot of pleasure to your life. They are a treat to be kept with and one can gain a lot of positive energy by surrounding themselves with this plant. These plants grow up to a limited height only, so there would be no stress to replace it when it grows too big, as it does not. The only thing that a Hoya plant needs are special attention and a little amount of care. By providing these, we can experience freshness around us every day.

From my experience, I can say that Hoyas are very easy to grow and they can even grow faster and faster if particular measures are taken. These measures are essential and necessary not only for Hoyas but for many such sensitive and tiny plants that cannot sustain too long without much attention, affection, and care. So, to make my Hoya grow faster, I adopted a few measures that gave me very good, satisfying, and long-lasting results. I also recommend others the same measures if they also want their Hoyas to grow faster just like mine.

What are the measures taken by me to improve my Hoya’s growth?

If my Hoya is not growing faster or not even growing at all, then I need to do something quickly to make it grow otherwise I would lose my plant as it would die.

Here are some measures that can be taken by me to make my Hoya keep growing and maybe make it grow faster

  1. Not to keep the Hoyas around too many plants:Not being able to get fresh air can be one of the most important reasons why my Hoya suddenly stopped growing. In such a situation, the best thing that I thought was keeping it away from other normal or even special plants.The Hoyas could breath fresh air in an overcrowded place. So, it is better to place it where it can breathe freely. It can be any place, maybe in the corner of the balcony or maybe in clear sunlight but small amounts. This will help Hoyas

    to breathe as much fresh air as possible and that would nourish its surface pores which otherwise would be blocked in the search of air & incomplete or little darkness.

  2. Humidity provided should be normal:Hoyas are true humidity lovers. They can’t stay nourished or growing if they do not get a considerable amount of humidity at regular intervals. Therefore, to make my Hoya grow faster, I took proper and required measures to keep the plant in the required humidity. The Hoyas need so much humidity because their origin is from tropical and sub-tropical regions. This makes the plants very used to the humidity and so the plants grow very well in a humid atmosphere.Providing a humid atmosphere helps in speeding up their growth rate.
  3. Providing moderate atmosphere:Along with humidity, I also provided the Hoyas with a moderate atmosphere to make them grow even faster. A moderate atmosphere can be easily given to the plants that are placed in balconies or small house-lawns or gardens. The sunlight does not reach there in excess amount and so moderate temperature can be easily achieved. This makes the Hoyas grow uninterrupted and easily at regular intervals.
  4. Bright light works best on the Hoya species:Keeping the plants in the bright light has been the best step that I took to make my Hoya grow faster. I also got some additional benefits from my plant after implementing this step. I got to see the beautiful variations in the flowers of the plant.The flowers of Hoya Linearis exhibit a variety of colors that makes the plant and the scene around look beautiful and unique. This is what exactly happened to my plant. When I provided it with adequate and bright light, it grew much faster and also gave very colorful and varieties of flowers.So, for better results of the growth of Hoya, bright light is the second-best solution after humidity.

     Hoya Linearis

  5. Artificial light would benefit the Hoyas too:It happens sometimes that too much direct and strong sunlight can burn the leaves and the surface of the Hoya Linearis plant. It did happen for my plant too. At one point, the leaves started burning and the plant started drying up.But, then the thought of artificial light stuck as a rumble of thunder to my mind and solved the problem in seconds. Artificial light is the best solution when you have to achieve a perfect balance between sunlight and darkness. This will make the plant get less exposed to the sunlight and will even help in providing the necessary light to the plant.

    This is a perfect and fast resulting intermediate to achieve good results at the growth of Hoya Linearis.


  6. The soil of the plant should be updated from time to time:Damping of soil is a term used when the soil in the pot in which the Hoya is kept-in starts to dry up or starts to become old. Anchoring of soil takes place in the roots part of the plant and so the plant loses its aeration and starts to die.Therefore, what I made sure of while making my Hoya grow faster was that I made sure that I replace the soil or perform the process of the convention in the soil (shuffling the new and the old soil) so that anchoring does not take place in it and do not stop the growth of the plant.

So now, after knowing my tips of making a Hoya Linearis grow faster, it should be noted that all these may differ according to the species that the Hoyas are of. Every person may have different species of Hoya Linearis and the tips may rarely change according to their type of species. So, you need to have total and complete information about the species of Hoya Linearis that you choose to grow.


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