What are the different types of Monstera?

green leaf plant

The famous Monstera plants, also known as the Swiss-Cheese plants, are commonly available species. Monstera is known for being weird, abnormal, and different in as many aspects as it can and stands up to its image every time you go to observe them. Starting right from their name (Swiss-Cheese), everything about Monstera is different and … Read more

How do you grow Hoya Linearis?

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A balcony that has Hoya Linearis grow in it looks so much more interesting and attractive than a normal one. These plants belong to the kingdom Plantae and their family is Apocynaceae. They are the fresh and happy plants that bring happiness wherever they are kept. If in your house, the Hoya Linearis will bring … Read more

How can I make my Hoya Linearis grow faster?

green and white leaf plant

                 Having Hoya Linearis growing in your beautiful balcony is bliss for the eyes of the viewer. It makes your balcony look very attractive and convincing from outside and appealing and fresh from inside. They bear white flowers from the end of summer to autumn. These flowers make … Read more

Why doesn’t my Monstera have holes?

green leafed plant

Monstera is a genus that belongs to the order Alismatales. It is a scientific name that is derived from a Latin word “monstrous”, that means ‘abnormal or uncommon’. This abnormality of the Monstera is due to the natural holes that are usually found on the leaves of the plant. Monsteras are the easiest and efficient … Read more

What is a Mini Monstera?

green-leafed plant in white pot

The scientific name of the Mini Monstera plant is Raphidophora Tetrasperma. This plant has its origin in Malaysia and Southern Thailand. The leaves of the Mini Monstera are deep green colored and heart-shaped and these plants can easily survive in any normal weather conditions. The leaves also have holes in it that are necessary as … Read more