12 Best Worm Composters In 2020

Best Worm Composters In 2020

Composting your household and backyard waste is a great way to keep a good supply of organic fertilizers to your plants and gardens and also to dispose of wastes properly and without harming the environment. Everyday kitchen wastes, clippings of grass or weeds, dried leaves, and flowers, etc. can be stored in composting bins and … Read more

9 Best Air Purifying House Plants?

Air Purifying House Plants

Air Purifying House Plants always make our offices, homes a happier and lovely place but they can reduce Carbon Dioxide Levels in the surroundings and thus makes the air fresh to breathe. It’s very good to grow plants in many perspectives, green plants are very good for one’s health. NASA announced in their Clean Air … Read more

Does Peperomia Clean Air?


Peperomia plants are schematic root shrubs that develop to a zenith of 20-45 cms. Peperomia plants appear usually closed compact, rarely developing in an indoor setting. Peperomia plants have features of sturdy stems and many fleshy leaves with moistness. Peperomia plants are generally loved for their attractive and impressive foliage and their flowers are not … Read more