9 Best Composting Products to Turn Kitchen Waste into Soil

9 Best Composting Products to Turn Kitchen Waste into Soil

Kitchen wastes are among the most useful composting matter than you can readily create and have access to at any time. Kitchen wastes are common in every household and better than disposing of this highly nutritious and helpful crop and plant food, it is best to convert this into plant manure and composting it with … Read more

Are Bluebells poisonous to cats?


The bluebell is a shrub that develops from a structure known as ‘bulb’. It has elongated leaves and a blooming stem that develops until 50 cm long and bends to one side. The sweet-fragrant, inclined tops of blooms are in the shape of a bell and are in different shades purplish-blue and occasionally they are … Read more

How Do I Know When My Pothos Plant Need Water?


The scientific name of the Pothos plant is Epipremnum, they are indoor plants. They can gain a length of 40 feet long in tropical regions. Pothos are evergreen plants they flourish in outdoor setups but at the time when they mature in a suitable environment and in the presence of adequate light; the color of … Read more

Is Cebu Blue a Pothos Or Philodendron


Pothos and Philodendrons are two different varieties of common houseplants. Both of these plants have a lot in common and are often mistaken for each other or for even being the same. Pothos and Philodendrons are both vine-like climbing plants and have shiny foliage. Not just that, two of these varieties of houseplants are grown … Read more



Pothos are among the friendliest houseplants. They are extremely easy to many and grow without any troubles and even the least care and maintenance is good enough for these plants. The vine-like houseplants are appreciated for their display qualities and are a major trend of recent day interior décor. It not only makes your house … Read more

Does Peperomia Clean Air?


Peperomia plants are schematic root shrubs that develop to a zenith of 20-45 cms. Peperomia plants appear usually closed compact, rarely developing in an indoor setting. Peperomia plants have features of sturdy stems and many fleshy leaves with moistness. Peperomia plants are generally loved for their attractive and impressive foliage and their flowers are not … Read more

How Big Do Peperomia Plant Get?


According to research, there are nearly 1,000 plants in the Peperomia family. The different kinds of plants that belong to the Peperomia family tend to share some common characteristics among themselves; some of which are, they all are small and are easy to grow. Peperomia plant is a tropical plant used as an indoor plant … Read more

Should I Mist The Peperomia?


Peperomia which is also known as a radiator plant is a simple root shrub that grows up to a height of 25-40cm that is 8 to 12 inches. Peperomia is slow developing plants, not developing more than one foot (30 cm). Peperomia plants distinguish fleshy stems with heart-shaped leaves and the seeds connected to the … Read more

How do you take care of swan orchids?


Cycnoches is the scientific name of the swan orchids. Swan orchids belong to the Orchidaceae family. There are almost 34-39 identified species. Swan orchids reproduce flowers in many colors such as red, bronze, green, yellow, light pink, and white. Cycnoches are familiar as swan orchids because of their presentation which has a sculpture-like lip, which … Read more