Jacobinia (Justicia) Care – 8 Useful Tips from Experts


Justicia carnea or commonly known as the jacobinia is a native South American flowering plant. It is also generally called the Brazilian plume flowers, flamingo flowers, the blood of Jesus flower, flamingo flower, etc. This flowering plant belongs to the Acanthaceae family and is a perennial plant with origins in the Atlantic forest Eco regions … Read more

How to Care for Sansevieria (Snake Plant)? 7 Expert Tips

Rhino Sansevieria Care

Sansevieria is an excellent houseplant for ornamental purposes. It is a very popular succulent and its horn-like structure’s display is an uncommon and sophisticated one. Sansevieria is also commonly known by many other names such as – Cylindrical snake plant, Spear Sansevieria, African spear plant, etc. This popular interior décor plant is great for adding … Read more

How to take care of Neon Pothos?

How to take care of Neon Pothos

The scientific name of the Neon Pothos plant is Epipremnum aureum, they are indoor plants. They can gain a length of 40 feet long in tropical regions. The pothos plant generally encloses itself to approximately six to ten feet. Their leaves have bright colors and waxy texture along with a significant and in heart shape … Read more

Why Is My Alocasia Frydek Drooping?


The Alocasia Frydek also well known as the Green Velvet Alocasia or the Elephant Ear because of its structure is a commonly potted houseplant. These big long-leaved garden plants aren’t a very easy one to find, but it is one of its kinds. They are also sold by the name – Alocasia Micholitziana ‘Frydek’. Growing … Read more