How to Care for Sansevieria (Snake Plant)? 7 Expert Tips

Rhino Sansevieria Care

Sansevieria is an excellent houseplant for ornamental purposes. It is a very popular succulent and its horn-like structure’s display is an uncommon and sophisticated one. Sansevieria is also commonly known by many other names such as – Cylindrical snake plant, Spear Sansevieria, African spear plant, etc. This popular interior décor plant is great for adding … Read more



The happy wanderer is an evergreen creeper is a great vine and can be grown very easily. The vine is also scientifically known as the Hardenbergia. It also has other common names such as – False Sarsparilla, Native lilac, purple coral pea, etc. These are originally a member of the pea flower family and the … Read more

Is Cutting Holly Illegal In UK?


The holly is known to bring upon us the festive winter of the year and the good blessed Christmas time. It is a very important symbol when it comes to Christmas, and decorative wreaths made out of Holly stems are a must for home decor during the winter celebration. The vibrant dark green foliage and … Read more