Top 10 Gardening Magazines To Read In 2020

Gardening is a very fun and literally fruitful hobby. It is very therapeutic and brings joy among people of many ages pursuing this evergreen hobby.

This activity is great for your mind, body, the environment at large, and with this, you even get to eat all the delicious goodies that you grow in your gardens or have these greens as ornamental embellishments enhancing the décor of your interiors as well as outsides.

It is less hard work and little care to grow plants and herbs in your garden and is truly a relaxing task for all the green-thumbed enthusiasts out there.

A very informative and interesting way to keep yourself updated and aware about all that concerns gardening, care tips for growing plants, new trends in garden décor, do’s and don’ts of gardening, techniques of building a better garden, maintenance tips and tricks, etc. is through the various versatile gardening magazines available to all garden enthusiasts.

These magazines on gardening provide you with regular information and entertainment. With every new issue coming out weekly or monthly, you can have access to more and more knowledge each time.

Unlike books, magazines are regularly updated and carry new and intimidating information in each issue. Not only do these magazines have tips on growing and caring for your garden plants, but also ways to spice up your gardens, add design elements, games and quizzes, newer ideas to utilize your garden products, and so on.

They offer you with endless topics and their details along with illustrations and keep your gardening game fun and strong.

Top 10 Gardening Magazines

Here are 10 best gardening related magazines you can refer to in 2020:



The ‘Fine Gardening’ magazine can be your go-to stop and one magazine to refer to if you are a beginner or a pro. This one magazine almost has it all and it is all you need if you want to have only one magazine that you follow regarding gardening tips and updates.

This covers all the skills and news that you may require to either begin your gardening venture or even continue your already growing greens and blooms.

Fine Gardening mentions the relative knowledge from horticulturalists and gardening experts from all around and also includes ideas and updates from professional landscaping experts and interior decorators.

This magazine is best for you if you are looking for one about ornamental plants and landscape gardening. They cover more such information rather than about edible greens and herbs.

This is a Bi-monthly magazine and has been around for over three decades now.

To have easier access, the magazine also has an online website where subscribers and others can log onto for gardening related details and current updates.



The ‘Country Gardens’ magazine is a special publication by the larger ‘Better Homes & Gardening’ magazine authority.

This magazine brings to its readers the secrets to glorious and green growing gardens. The contents include details about various types of gardening, highly illustrated and attractive visuals, helpful secrets to better gardening, and easy to follow instructions and guidance on building your gardens.

This book is filled with creative projects and ideas to try out in your home gardens.

It also publishes stories and journeys of fellow gardeners who share their experiences and gardening secrets to overcome all challenges and build a beautiful garden yourself.



This is one of the very famous and well-ranked American magazines. It is not just about gardening, but as the name suggests, it is also about birds, insects, and other such creatures.

This 1995 started magazine has two major target audiences, they are – birdwatchers and garden enthusiasts. This magazine issues copy once every two months and contain various reader-submitted articles about their gardening journeys, photographs, etc.

It includes information on ways to attract butterflies, pollinators, birds, etc. to your backyard gardens. It is great for both amateurs and professional outdoor birdwatchers and garden hobbyists. It also inspires nature lovers to pursue their outdoor interests and passion.

This wildlife and garden magazine is truly eye-catching and presents its readers with satisfactory content.



If you are a lover of lavishly luxurious looking gardens, then this magazine – ‘The English Garden’ is the one for you. It is a spectacular and inspirational publication for all green lovers and garden hobbyists.

It includes pictures and details about the most beautiful and decorative gardens of the world. The special private gardens are highly attractively visualized and provide a pleasing, leisurely, and yet an informative experience of the most beautiful gardens by other garden experts and enthusiasts.

Each month the English Garden magazine comes up with the details and stories about how owners build up their decorative gardens, their challenges and stories on finding the perfect décor elements and choosing design, etc.

The content also includes knowledge and tips on how to setup such pleasant and picturesque gardens yourself.

English gardens have a special vibe and aura about them and this magazine reveals the secrets to such gardens and inspires fellow garden and green-thumbed individuals to build such gardens and get a chance to be featured in their magazine and share their stories and tips.



The ‘Horticulture’ magazine brings to its readers very detailed and informative issues to assist its readers to build up their gardens and the right ways to grow, care for and maintain the houseplants and gardens.

This magazine has an aim at making garden hobbyists and plant growers better at their endeavors and thus they provide very relevant and useful information collected from experts and professional growers as well as successful cultivators and gardeners.

With all the proper illustrations and it becomes even more intimidating to have as a gardening magazine.

It includes ideas and designs on building your garden and making it even more creative and embellished.

This is a bi-monthly magazine and every issue is a unique one containing the recent details and updates, scientific discoveries in the field of horticulture, tips on pest control, the effect of seasons and climate change on plants, do’s and don’ts, plant growing secrets, and many ideas to build your dream garden.

It has a 4.4-star rating on Amazon and there is also a kindle version of this magazine available for readers to have an easier and more convenient access.


country living’ magazine

The ‘Country Living’ magazine is for all the garden hobbyists and growers who love that country feeling, greenery, and the subtle rural landscape. The natural look and simplistic design is very well explained in this magazine and it covers a lot of such ideas and projects for you to plan out and create your backyard based countryside landscape.

This magazine also has information about various gardening tips and culinary recipes that you can try out from plants and herbs grown in your home and backyard gardens.

Along with this it also consists of various craft ideas with a step-by-step guide so that you can do it all by yourself and enjoy the garden leisure.

This magazine aims to bring out the differences between modern lifestyle and a country-style of life, where the simple ways are more devoted to embracing a rural kind of livelihood where the way of living is given more care and attention than where you choose to live.

This Country living American magazine points out various lifestyle ways and features related to gardening, interior décor, and designing, art and crafts, tips, and the idea of cooking with many delicious recipes, etc.

All in all, this magazine brings out the simple joys of living in a subtle and substantial rural way to relax in the continuous hustle and chaos of the urban lifestyle that we are stuck in today’s modern world.



This magazine has a lot to offer to garden enthusiasts. What is better than green, decorated, and attractive garden for a gardening hobbyist? The Garden Design magazine presents many such well-decorated and unique gardens from all around the world.

Their designs and looks are always very creative and compel the readers to start working to create their own decorative and innovative gardens and backyards.

They keep their audiences informed about the various plants and new trends and discoveries in the gardens.

The pictures of the gardens and plants are very high-quality, stunning, and defined. The photos themselves add that extra factor to this magazine and make it even more luxurious.

You can explore the various ideas and designs and add the given elements and looks to your gardens. The secrets and tips to build your designer garden and to grow ornamental plants and greens help the readers and assist them in successfully building their dream garden.

It also talks about various detailed elements that can add and enhance the look of your gardens, like stone, furnishings, pillars, decorative pots and planters, and other little nuances.

The magazine has a great reader base and reviews. It is a very inspiring one as well. This can be your go-to magazine if you are planning to set up a stunning backyard and add some embellishment factors to your home gardens. This design magazine makes the therapeutic hobby of gardening even more relaxing and joyous.



The Garden Gate is another very well-known and one of the special mentions when it comes to magazines on gardening and plants.

This entire magazine is filled with colorful pages of various gardens, plants, flowers, and innovative ideas to build a garden. The magazine also mentions various tips and guidelines on how to grow, maintain, and take care of the plants in your gardens.

They also mention various secrets to a good and lush green garden. This magazine is total eye-candy for garden hobbyists and amateur as well as professional growers.

The magazine has no advertisements and all gardening based content and information that is useful and is thus a very admirable one.

The Garden Gate magazine has 6 issues in the entire year, that is, one issue per two months. You should definitely subscribe to this magazine as every issue comes with a new theme and exciting topics.

Another catchy feature of this magazine is the garden décor challenge that it carries out. They publish before and after transformation images of gardens with the story of the gardeners.

Every issue has detailed tips on keeping away weeds, putting together good soil for better growth of the flora, and step-by-step diagrammatic pictures that make the instructions very easy to follow. Following the tips from this magazine help you to have a very new and fresh garden landscape and that too with convenient effort and less time and money.



British gardens have their charm and create a very pleasing and elegant ambiance in your backyards. This British gardening magazine – Gardens Illustrated, bring forth to you many such designer English garden looks from all over the world.

Some illustrations are also taken from the ideas and creations of very famous garden experts and professional growers. This British magazine is accessible to many and keeps gardeners all around very inspired and fuel their green hobbies.

It provides photos and details about several inspiring gardens décor ideas and talk about many different varieties of ornamental plants that can add that aesthetic and calming look to your gardens. Articles from leading garden designers and interior décor experts are also included in this magazine and that makes it even more relevant and satisfactory.

It is a detailed guide for you to put together plants and flowers in your home into an innovative garden design. There are a variety of garden styles to choose from as per your taste and preferences.

This is a monthly magazine and you can even access it through its kindle version online.


The Plant magazine

The Plant magazine provides a new domain and perspective into the green kingdom. All plant lovers can find their interests in this magazine and it provides various stories and journeys of creative plant lovers and growers.

This magazine gives an in-depth study and information about many individual plants specifying about their unique features, growth needs and patterns, etc. with proper pictures.

Many professional artists, gardeners, writers, etc. write and share about their plant growing and gardening experiences. As there are so many views on gardening and plants in general, thus it creates a very open and descriptive perspective towards plants.

Apart from all this new and distinct information, the magazine also has botanical articles to help you create your healthy and beautiful garden at home and to grow plants easily and efficiently.





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