Best Gardening Channels on YouTube

  • Author: Daniel Patrick
  • Published: August 31, 2022

Reading suitable books and websites is great for learning about growing plants and improving your gardening skills. Watching videos can also be very helpful, especially for those who prefer visual guidance.

That’s why I thought it would be useful to take a deep dive into all the gardening channels on YouTube and see what they have to offer. This was no small task as there are lots of them!

Following my research, I’ve put together this list of the best YouTube channels for gardeners. It’s not in any particular order, and there are no strict criteria for which ones I’ve chosen. It’s simply the YouTube gardening channels that I think are the most useful.

Some are best suited to beginners, while some will teach something to even the most experienced gardeners. They all have a great selection of helpful videos on various gardening topics.

Let’s check them out!


JoeGardenerTV is a classic coverall channel with a lot to offer gardeners of all levels. I like this channel because the main focus is on helping other people discover more about all the crucial aspects of gardening.

You will get better at keeping your garden in excellent shape and learn excellent tips for growing all types of popular plants.

The creator, Joe Lamp’l, is an expert with years of experience. He’s hosted three TV shows, so he knows how to make informative videos that are easy to watch. Joe keeps the format short and straight to the point, which is perfect for people looking for efficiency.

Our Stoney Acres

Our Stoney Acres is a fabulous YouTube channel for gardeners. It provides tips on almost every important process involved in gardening. There are videos dedicated to fertilizing, watering, preparing the soil, and so much more.

You can expect to learn accurate information about veggies, fruits, flowers, bushes, and pretty much every type of plant you can imagine. I particularly like that each video focuses on a specific topic. The following video on fall garden tasks that can make your life easier in the spring is the perfect example.

Our Stoney Acres also covers indoor gardening now and then. The advice is well-researched and presented simply.

The Gardening Channel With James Prigioni

I really like the energy of The Gardening Channel With James Prigioni. The subscriber count suggests I’m not the only one! The host always seems excited to talk about gardening; his passion is genuinely contagious.

James focuses mainly on practical tips for gardeners of all levels, and he’s not afraid to experiment with new ideas. I especially love the videos dedicated to sharing his latest harvest. They are very cheerful, and I’m sure they’ve inspired many people to try and grow plants themselves.

This is unquestionably one of the best YouTube channels for gardening, regardless of your level of expertise.

Garden Answer

  • Link to Channel: Garden Answer on YouTube
  • Number of Videos: Over 1,500
  • Average Video Length: Medium to long
  • Subscribers: 1.5 million

One of the biggest YouTube gardening channels, Garden Answer features loads of videos and answers all kinds of gardening-related queries.

The videos are longer than many other channels on this list and go into a lot of detail. Advanced gardeners probably already know much of what’s covered, but beginners will be delighted with how extensive each video is.

I love some of the more unusual releases, like this little gem below.

Garden Answer consistently comes up with out-of-the-box ideas that can provide completely new challenges to people who love gardening.

Liz Zorab – Byther Farm

Liz Zorab’s Byther Farm is another fantastic gardening channel that posts new videos frequently. The host’s calming presence and excellent material are what I like the most about this one.

I’m very impressed with the way the content is structured. For example, the channel includes a playlist that provides a seed sowing guide for each month of the year.

There are also regular live chat sessions that give you the opportunity to talk to Liz and ask her specific questions. It’s an excellent resource for both new and seasoned gardeners.

Simplify Gardening

This YouTube channel focuses on answering common questions related to gardening. You’ll find a wide variety of helpful tips here and solutions for pretty much any troubles you might have in the garden. The videos are organized well into playlists, which is a nice touch.

I like that the creator regularly adds unusual videos. You can watch him share most of his struggles, and there’s even a pumpkin grow-off against an 8-year-old!

Solid tutorials and great entertainment. What more could you want from a YouTube channel on gardening?


  • Link to Channel: MIGardener on YouTube
  • Number of Videos: 1,500+
  • Average Video Length: Medium to long
  • Subscribers: One million

Most of the content creators I’ve listed so far are focused on outdoor gardening. MIGardener targets indoor gardeners and is more focused on growing plants in the home.

The creator behind this channel has a very scientific approach, and the videos are relatively long compared to other channels. They go into a lot of depth on topics, so you learn what has to be done and also why. 

MIGardener often has live streams that allow you to ask questions and actively participate. This is an excellent way to learn more about gardening, and even experienced gardeners can improve their knowledge.

Epic Gardening

The Epic Gardening channel lives up to its name – it is indeed epic! Host Kevin Espiritu presents the content in creative and engaging ways, and most videos are around the sweet ten-minute mark. They have the detail you need, but you don’t have to commit a lot of time to watch them.

Epic Gardening covers a vast range of topics, including simple tutorials for growing popular plants. Kevin also shares some hacks that will help you save money and get better value from your gardening purchases. Here’s an example of one such hack.

As evident in the above video, Kevin sprinkles some jokes into his content. That helps to make the channel more entertaining, and his huge subscriber count is a testament to that.

Erica’s Little Welsh Garden

A smaller YouTube gardening channel that I really enjoy, Erica’s Little Welsh Garden tells an exciting story. The host takes us through the ups and downs of her everyday work in the garden, and I always feel rewarded after watching her videos.

There’s a lot to learn on this channel, and Erica often provides advice to help you cut your gardening costs. I think this is one of the best YouTube channels for gardeners who don’t have a lot of experience.

You’ll likely learn something new from Erica even if you’re a seasoned gardener. I’m sure you’ll relate to many of the challenges she faces!

The Weedy Garden

The Weedy Garden is the story of an established photographer who decided it was time to build a garden and focus his life on growing his own food. The photographer in question is David Trood, and he shows an excellent eye for detail in his videos.

David started his channel in 2020 and is not exactly prolific in adding new videos. His subscribers love the content he does put out, though, and I fully understand why. David’s story and his presenting style make for entertaining viewing. 

Here’s a virtual tour of the Weedy Garden. It’s an incredible place, and David’s commitment to constantly improving it will surely inspire many to work on their own gardens.

Learn to Grow

Learn to Grow is hosted by Misilla, who prefers the short and straight-to-the-point format for her videos. As a mother of four who still takes proper care of her garden, she encourages others to do the same.

Misilla’s videos are rarely longer than seven or eight minutes, and she tackles all sorts of topics. You can learn about seeds, fertilizers, specific plants, and more. This channel is an excellent source of gardening tips and answers to commonly asked questions.

Although Misilla doesn’t add new videos frequently, her impressive back catalog means there’s plenty of content to watch.

Subscribe to the Best Gardening YouTube Channels

The top YouTube channels for gardening I’ve chosen to list are helpful and entertaining. Some present information with a lot of humor, others tell inspiring stories, and some just get straight down to business.

Subscribe to these channels and you’ll soon be able to apply what you learn in your garden. I’m sure you’ll see excellent results.

There are plenty of other gardening channels on YouTube that I could have also listed here. If you think there are any glaring omissions, please let me know in the comments section.

If you like consuming gardening content regularly, you might want to consider subscribing to one or more gardening magazines as well as these YouTube channels. The following blog post features some excellent recommendations.