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Constance Harrington

Gardenzy is tended entirely by Constance Harrington, a passionate gardener who wishes to bring her talent to the stage in order to help fellow horticulturalists on the internet.

With her extensive knowledge of botany and her knack for breaking down even the most complex of topics, Constance is ready and able to help you in any of your gardening ventures.

Constance Harrington is an award-winning researcher who has delved into the depths of botany, specializing in flower hybridization. She’s dedicated hundreds of hours to her craft and has been recognized for her contributions to botany.

Harrington has the professional know-how to help you grow a perfect garden; she has put a nearly endless amount of effort into growing her botanical sense, and now she is placing that same drive and work into making this information and advice as accessible as possible to all those who need it.

Even outside her research, Constance is devoted to her field—-in more than one sense! She actively cares for several different house plants and vegetables; her home and yard are absolutely teeming with life of all different colors and patterns, scents and tastes, lengths, and sizes.

She’s become well-acquainted with each and every one of her plants and can spot even the tiniest of discolorations or the smallest of woes. Rather than play it safe with the typical house plants, she is constantly experimenting and learning to grow new, exotic plants.

She is experienced with a wide array of different crops and crows, plants, and pests, both the good and the bad that comes with gardening. She has a deep understanding of not just the plant, but of the struggles that come with it and the work that follows.

Whether it be at work or home, Constance is constantly surrounded by flora, giving her a sense and affinity for gardening that she wishes to pass onto you.

Constance recognizes that not everyone who is interested in gardening has the time or ability to dedicate themselves to in-depth research and experimentation.

Constance Harrington writes her articles for these people in mind; her writing is clear and understandable, with a friendly and casual tone that refrains from overly complicated vernacular that only advanced gardeners would understand. She writes to ensure that her readers can easily and enthusiastically get into gardening.

From her articles on Gardenzy, we are sure that you’ll be able to infer the depth of not just Harrington’s intelligence and expertise on the topic, but also her enthusiasm, passion, and friendliness.



Gardenzy carries popular articles on all sorts of gardening matters. Each article is clearly titled and organized clearly via a table of contents to make sure that you get the information you need as soon as you need it.

Several of our articles are focused on walking you through the tools and preparation you need to take on your project.

We’ll take you to step by step on the materials you’ll need to begin your gardening journey, from fertilizer and shovels to shears and stakes. Our articles are full of advice on what to look for and what to avoid so you can properly prepare without breaking the bank.

Many of our articles are based on giving fundamental gardening and farming tips, covering topics such as dealing with pests and properly repotting plants. That said, our articles are nowhere near limited to covering solely simple subjects; we also deep dive into specific and specialized topics that will help those looking to get into gardening professionally for commercial reasons.

Whether you’re a beginner who doesn’t know a shoot from a sprinkler, or a professional looking to break into a commercially viable industry, our articles have something for everyone.

We break down several essential farming techniques, including vertical farming and hydroponics. Need help setting up your greenhouse?

Want to get started growing microgreens,  Have your orchids come down with some mysterious disease? Don’t know how to propagate your flowers? Gardenzy has you covered!

Our articles are not just limited to “traditional” gardening topics, either. Gardenzy carries topics on near aspects related to the gardening process.

We have articles compiling different recipes you can make with your crops, as well as articles examining the economic viability of growing certain plants with certain methods. We understand that the gardening process does not just end at the planter for everyone, and we wish to help you in those areas as well.

If you’re serious about any form of gardening—-or if you’re just starting out!—-Gardenzy is here to help. Allow Gardenzy and Constance to step into your garden; we’ll help you ensure that your plants grow to be the best that they possibly can be.