How Often Do Orchids Bloom? (12 Tips for Reblooming)

How Many Times Do Orchids Bloom In A Year

Do you love flowers but find it difficult to keep them alive? Orchids are a great choice for new Orchids are a beautiful addition to any home or office. They come in a wide range of colors, and they even grow on trees! Orchids have been around for thousands of years, but many people don’t … Read more

Why Won’t My Cambria Orchids Bloom? Top 10 Reasons


Orchids make up a huge portion of the flora family. There are approximately over 25,000 species of orchids and many more are still being discovered. This flowering plant species is a truly unique kind and has diverse features from variation in colors of flowers, sizes, shapes, foliage, growing season and growth patterns, etc. Orchids are … Read more

Top 10 Gardening Magazines To Read In 2020

Top 10 Gardening Magazines To Read In 2020

Gardening is a very fun and literally fruitful hobby. It is very therapeutic and brings joy among people of many ages pursuing this evergreen hobby. This activity is great for your mind, body, the environment at large, and with this, you even get to eat all the delicious goodies that you grow in your gardens … Read more

How Many Times Do Orchids Bloom In A Year

How Many Times Do Orchids Bloom In A Year

Orchids are undoubtedly among the very amusing flowers and ones with a truly unique appearance. Orchids make up a huge portion of the flowering plant family and have around 25,000 different species. Their differences in color, size, shape, foliage, growth patterns, blooming seasons, etc. make them a very diverse kind of flora among the many … Read more

How Long Can An Orchid Live? Detailed Care Tips


Orchids are found as ornamental plants in many households and gardens. Their uniquely designed flowers with vibrant colors, speckles, and patterns, as well as the long luscious leaves, add to the décor of your interiors as well as outdoor gardens. The beauty of these unique flowers is incomparable and has an exotic vibe about them. … Read more

How Does Aeroponic Vertical Farming Work?


Vertical farming is a very efficient and advanced technique relating to urban agriculture. With the growing world, increasing population, developments in science and technology; the importance, occupation, and value of agriculture has always remained the same. Agriculture is a major primary service and is the most essential form of production as it is based on … Read more

Do Orchids Die Due To Direct Sunlight? – Light Requirements Guide


Orchids are one among the many magnificent flowering plants found in gardens and green areas. These flowers have several different varieties and each has a unique appearance. The flowers that these plants bear are of a different appearance than general flowers and have a very elegant and attractive look to them. Orchids are also one … Read more

30 Best Orchid Books In 2020 – With Detailed Review

Best Orchid Books In 2020 – With Detailed Review

Orchids are among the special and unique flowering plants. They have a certain uncommon but pleasant appearance along with a soft and sweet scent. These flowering plants make lovely indoor and outdoor garden greens. There are various species of orchids available in different colors, sizes, shapes, foliage, growth patterns, etc. There are approximately 25,000 varieties … Read more

16 Awesome Yard Tools Every Homeowner Needs In 2020

Awesome Yard Tools Every Homeowner Needs In 2020

Gardening is a very fantastic hobby and having all the right tools makes it even more fun and efficient.  Growing plants and maintaining a garden is very therapeutic and an effectively green hobby for the environment as well. At times taking care and grooming the garden and yard can be a big task, thus, it … Read more

12 Best Worm Composters In 2020

Best Worm Composters In 2020

Composting your household and backyard waste is a great way to keep a good supply of organic fertilizers to your plants and gardens and also to dispose of wastes properly and without harming the environment. Everyday kitchen wastes, clippings of grass or weeds, dried leaves, and flowers, etc. can be stored in composting bins and … Read more

10 Recommended Products For Indoor Gardening I Can Find Online


Gardening is a great hobby and it is therapeutic for both – the individual and their environment. Indoor gardening has been growing in the modern-day and age as a creative hobby. Planting greens and flowers in your homes can have many environmental, health, and psychological benefits. Indoor and outdoor gardening has also been growing as … Read more

9 Best Composting Products to Turn Kitchen Waste into Soil

9 Best Composting Products to Turn Kitchen Waste into Soil

Kitchen wastes are among the most useful composting matter than you can readily create and have access to at any time. Kitchen wastes are common in every household and better than disposing of this highly nutritious and helpful crop and plant food, it is best to convert this into plant manure and composting it with … Read more

Jacobinia (Justicia) Care – 8 Useful Tips from Experts


Justicia carnea or commonly known as the jacobinia is a native South American flowering plant. It is also generally called the Brazilian plume flowers, flamingo flowers, the blood of Jesus flower, flamingo flower, etc. This flowering plant belongs to the Acanthaceae family and is a perennial plant with origins in the Atlantic forest Eco regions … Read more

How to Grow Giloy In My Garden and Where to Buy It Online?


A popularly found in the Indian subcontinent and a medicinal green, the giloy is truly a magical herb. This is a very useful and herbaceous vine and is also commonly known as – Guduchi, heart-leaved moonseed. Scientifically it is called the – Tinospora Cordifolia. Indian traditional medicine as well as Ayurveda has made use of … Read more