16 Awesome Yard Tools Every Homeowner Needs In 2020

Gardening is a very fantastic hobby and having all the right tools makes it even more fun and efficient.  Growing plants and maintaining a garden is very therapeutic and an effectively green hobby for the environment as well.

At times taking care and grooming the garden and yard can be a big task, thus, it is great to have a supply of all the best and helpful yard tools to assist this great hobby of garden enthusiasts.

With changes in the seasons and the environment your gardens may require pruning, trimming, plowing, tilling, picking weeds, shoveling, etc. and these tasks need a helping hand and all the right gardening tools and equipment can make your work easy as well as add perfection to the results.

There are many gardening tools to choose from, but we have listed some best-reviewed and durable products for you to help you with your gardening chores in 2020.

Top 16 best yard tools for your gardens and backyards:



This classic manual hand pruner is one of the buyer’s favorites. They love this brand and this product has a lot of good reviews and ratings.

The pruner is very sturdy and can cut through thick bushes and branches without the blade being jammed or dull. The steel blades are strong and accompanied by a forged handle made out of aluminum that can be adjusted.

It also has comfortable rubber handles that make it shockproof and easy to use. This product is also lightweight but doesn’t compromise on the sharpness and effective pruning.

The brand also produces pruner of other sizes and comfort levels that you can choose based on your preferences.



Gardening knives serve to be very useful and necessary in cutting and separating weeds from your gardens and digging the soil easily. The Nisaku knife is a great product to invest in if you want a durable and stainless steel version of a garden knife.

Along with a sharp concave-shaped blade which can easily cut into the soil and assist in weed cutting, flower or plant trimming, etc. this knife also has measurements marked on the blade for gardeners to keep track on the depth and level of soil being dug.

The 6 and ½ inch blade is made out of stainless steel and slices without any hassle. The blade is dual-sided and has a sharp tip.  The Japanese blade is rust and scratch-free and can last you long.

This product can also be used in other outdoor activities such as fishing.



This might just become your favorite and last shovel that you will trust and invest in once you start using it. It is very durable and multi-purposed.

It can do all shovel works very efficiently and with ease of use. Shoveling is a hard task and this strong round-tipped shovel makes it comfortable.

The shovel can be used to get rid of heavy rocks, boulders, stumps, and can be used to dig effectively. The blade is fixed well and the users do not have to dread about it breaking.

This shovel is around 60 inches long and comes with a comfortable handle which increases the ease of the job even more. 



A well-made and durable gardening trowel can be of great help. This item has all the praises for being one of the strongest trowels and lasts long enough for you to carry on your potting, planting, digging, and tilling with no worries.

The sturdy steel blade is fixed well and doesn’t rust or break easily. This trowel is sharp enough to be used as a gardening knife to clear weeds and comes with an easy and effective grip handle.

This product is 14inches long and around 3 inch wide, but the brand also sells smaller versions of this trowel which you can opt for depending on your needs.



A spade is among the very first tools you’d need as a gardener. It can be used better than a shovel and can do all the necessary garden work like digging, slicing, uprooting, etc. more effectively.

The 14 inch blade is constructed of hardened steel and can bear tough duty work and is also rust-proof. The handle is also easy to grab and work with and the teardrop-shaped shovel blade makes the work easier. This is a great product to have in 2020 to assist your greens.



Raking is an essential garden task and a tool that collects all the debris and grass effectively is recommended. A good and sturdy rake also helps in loosening the soil and aerating it.

This item is the perfect tool for raking as the sizing is suitable to reach and clean small spaces and between flower and plant beds efficiently without any damage.

This product is easy to handle and does not damage any small plants while collecting the debris with the sharp and sturdy teeth.

This is a great investment garden tool as it is also rust-free and comes with 3 years of warranty.



This is another raking tool that can suit your garden or a bigger yard in a woodsy region.  In such places, collecting dried garden waste and debris is a bigger task; you can always invest in this rake.

This ordinary appearing rake is made of heavy-duty steel and is built to carry out its job with comfort.

All the 24 steel tines are well-attached to the head of the rake so it doesn’t break or separate. Raking with this is flexible and smooth and the cushioned grip provides enough comfort to your hands.

This product is highly recommended by all its buyers and is among the top-rated ones.



A good and strong garden cart is great for carrying and dumping gardening tools and wastes, and it can also be used as a storage trolley for all your other gardening equipment.

This brand has come up with a very versatile model that is useful in quick unloading and dumping. The handle is also a convertible one and it can all be very easily fixed.

The cart can hold and transport materials weighing up to 1,200 pounds and are very useful and sturdy. The wheeled cart is more efficient than a traditional wheelbarrow.

This versatile heavy-duty gardening cart also comes with a 1-year warranty time.



Weeds in the gardens can be very invasive and even destructive. Weeds create too much competition in the soil for the original plants in your gardens.

These uninvited plants have to be routinely cleared and uprooted to ensure good growth of your plants. The Fiskars weeder makes this weed removal process easy and very effective in permanently removing weeds.

The design of this product is very comfortable and the long 39 inch handle makes it very easy to uproot weeds without too much bending.

All you have to do is step on the foot platform of the weeder which is to be placed on the weeds and the 4 sharp claws will grab the weeds and uproot them from the very deep roots. It cleanly removes the weeds from your gardens and the claws and head of the weeder can be washed properly.

This durable weeder clears all invasive weeds and keeps your yards clean.



Pruning of foliage and branches is a considerably regular task and having a good pair of pruners can prove to be very useful. This tool from Fiskars is made to suit a variety of pruning tasks and can snip off branches as thick as 8 inches.

The blades are well-made and the non-stick coating over the blades prevents any sap or gum from sticking onto the blades. It is even rust-free. The blades are made of strong steel which makes the entire pruner very durable.

This tool is easy and convenient to use, long-lasting gives effective results, and is lightweight as well. Overall, this is one of the best quality pruners you can invest in to have a great garden equipment collection.



Gardening tasks can be time-consuming and difficult to do. Many a time spending too much time onto the garden floor kneeling tending to your plants can be painful to the ness, back, and joints.

To make work comfortable, this product is the best and trusted. This seat plus knee protector is designed to suit your heavy gardening duties and to make it easier.

The seat can be lowered to form a comfortable and cushioned stool to kneel onto and tend to your plants. It has a 2-in-1 usage, as it can be turned over to convert into a seat where you can rest and continue working at the same time.

The entire set is very easy to assemble and also strongly made. Dimensions: 24inchs x 11.4inchs x 5.5inchs.

It also has side pockets where you can store and hang your tools as you relax and work.

All in all, it makes your gardening fun and relaxing.


Gloves are an essential gardening item. This brand makes gardening easier and advanced with the claw induced gloves that keep your hands protected as well as the sharp claws help you to perform digging and uprooting tasks efficiently just with your hands.

Put on these gloves while cleaning or re-planting in your garden and protect your hands from the dirty mud, thorns, insects, etc.

The built-in claws let you have a stronger grip on plants and also enable faster and deeper digging. These gloves are waterproof and also the latex material prevents any tear or punctures in the gloves.

It helps you to keep your hands safe and clean as well your nails free from dirt and mud. It is also very simple to wash and reuse.

Overall these gloves are protective, flexible, and long-lasting, improve grip, and also assist in digging and uprooting tasks.



Fiskars bring along a lot of garden-worthy products to collect and use in your yards to tend to the plants. This 3-piece set is a small equipment set to make gardening comfortable and handy.

The kit consists of a Fork, a Trowel, and a Handle-held Spade.

All the three items have an easy handle that is padded and have a non-slip tight grip to assist you well while gardening.

They are very durable and made out of good-quality steel. The blades are all sharp to assist efficient gardening and also rust-free so that the tools can last long.

With this set of tools, gardening can be very comfortable and easy and it is a must-have beginner kit.


A spade is required in all gardens to till and plow the soil regularly so that the soil stays fresh and aerated. This item is one of the top-rated and best spading forks you can invest in as it is very durable and the shark forks make the digging and turning of soil very effective and simple.

The 4 sharp steel tines are very durable and can dig the toughest of soils, clay, as well as compost.

The entire spade is very strong and would last you long without breaking or bending.


A big garden or yard can be a tough plot to water. Having a correct water hose to do this task efficiently can save you a lot of effort and time.

This hose is of high-quality and advanced design.

The hose is long and hence very convenient to water a large plot.

The built of the hose is made with thick brass connectors and double latex coating to ensure no leaks or punctures. It can also tolerate a lot of water pressure and high temperatures.

The entire hose is a 50ft expandable one from a 17ft original length.

This is also a lightweight one and can be easily stored and carried. The nozzle is an 8-patterned rotating one which can be used in different settings as per your requirements.

All in all, this is a total value product. 


If you are looking for an all-in-one set, this is your dream bag of garden equipment. This kit has a total of 12 pieces of high-quality gardening equipment.

It has the following – Pruning shears, Stainless snip, Garden apron, Gardening gloves, garden kneeling pad, Trowel, Hand rake, Weeder, Spray bottle, and a tote bag to store everything.

All the pruning shears are made of heavy-duty and durable material. The tools have a good grip and rust-free quality to make the products long-lasting and easy to clean. The entire kit is a lightweight and tough one.

This can either be your beginner gardening tool kit or the best set of gardening equipment to upgrade to. With all the perfect tools in a well-arranged bag, this kit is all you need to begin.


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