Christmas Gift Ideas for Gardening Mums

  • Author: Daniel Patrick
  • Published: December 12, 2022

All mums deserve special attention at Christmas. If your mom enjoys gardening, I have some great gift ideas to share with you. My list of the best Christmas gifts for gardening mums includes practical and fun suggestions at affordable prices.  

I hate it when I’m looking online for gift ideas and find lists with dozens of options, so I’ve kept mine pretty small. I’m sure you’ll still find the perfect Christmas present for your gardening mum here.

Hand-Made Gardening Task Coupons

I will start with my favorite idea. Hand-made coupons for gardening tasks make for a really thoughtful present and don’t cost anything but your time. Here’s how it works.

  • Step 1: Create a list of gardening tasks you can help your mum with or do for her.
  • Step 2: Prepare the coupons. Use paper and coloring pencils or print them from a computer. You could buy some preprepared instead, but creating them yourself adds a nice personal touch to the gift.
  • Step 3: Present the coupons in nice gift wrapping to your gardening mom for Christmas.
  • Step 4: Make sure you deliver on your promises when asked!

This present is guaranteed to make any gardening mum happy. You get to help her in the garden while spending quality time together. Here are some suggestions for tasks you could include on the coupons.

  • Weed the garden
  • Mow the lawn
  • Water the plants
  • Do the pruning
  • Mum’s choice

You can add whatever you want to the list, of course, and also include tasks outside of gardening. The only limit is your imagination.

Gardening Clothing

Various items of clothing are useful for gardeners, so this is another excellent option for a gift. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get something your gardening mum will appreciate, but you can if you want to really splash out.

You’re not limited to specialist gardening clothing, either. For example, I stumbled across a great T-shirt with “Support Plant Parenthood” and an attractive floral design. This would make for a fun but practical present and is affordable at just $16.99.

Trip to a Botanical Garden or Gardening Event

You could buy your mum tickets to a gardening event or arrange a trip to a botanical garden. Your options for such a gift depend on where you live, but you should be able to find something your gardening mom will enjoy.

Here are some resources to help you pick the ideal present.

Garden Work Apron

A garden work apron is an almost essential accessory for any gardener, providing extra protection and an easy way to carry tools. Your gardening mom will surely appreciate such a practical gift, and you have LOTS of options.

You can find suitable aprons in most online and local gardening stores. The following post features some great recommendations.

Thermacell Mosquito Repellent Lantern

Insects can be a problem for gardeners in various ways. Mosquitoes in the garden can be especially annoying, and many plants attract them. Your gardening mom may well appreciate a Christmas gift that helps her eliminate these pests.

You could buy her some plants that repel mosquitoes, but they may not be plants she likes. A better idea is a mosquito repellent lamp. Many of them are ugly or inefficient, or both, but I can recommend one that looks good and works. 

The Thermacell is an excellent Christmas present for gardening mums because it gets the job done and is a relatively attractive addition to the garden. It also costs less than $30, so it’s another affordable Christmas gift idea.

Good Luck Plant

Plants often make good presents, for gardeners, but it can be difficult to know which ones the recipient might like. You don’t want to buy your gardening mum a plant she hates!

A good solution is to gift a lucky plant. Many people believe certain plants can bring good luck, and some are also beautiful additions to the home. You can check out some recommendations from my colleague in the following post.

Gardening Journal

Any semi-serious gardener should consider keeping a journal. It’s a great way to record ideas, plan future tasks, and take notes on various other things. These days you can use apps to serve the same purpose, but many gardening moms will prefer a physical journal to write in.

You have many options if you think your mother would like a gardening journal for Christmas. Whether it’s a reasonably basic notebook or a more sophisticated journal with a unique design, you’re bound to find something suitable.

I like Sophia Hall’s gardening journal because of the charming design and the way it’s organized. You can get the paperback version for $12.99 or the more luxurious hardcover edition for $20.99.

Subscription to a Gardening Magazine

My final Christmas gift idea for gardening moms is a subscription to a magazine. Even in today’s digital age, plenty of printed publications appeal to gardeners.

Gardening magazines are fantastic for learning more about growing plants, maintaining beautiful and practical gardens, and all kinds of other related topics. Your mum will surely appreciate a subscription to any of the best ones.

What Are Your Gift Ideas for Gardening Mums?

The list of potential Christmas presents for a gardening mum is almost endless. I’ve provided my best suggestions here, but there are many other great options. 

I’d love your see YOUR Christmas gift ideas for gardening moms, too, or learn about any presents you gave that your mother really liked. Please comment below if you have something to share. If I can’t help someone find the perfect Christmas present for their mum, maybe you can!

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