30 Best Orchid Books In 2020 – With Detailed Review

Best Orchid Books In 2020 – With Detailed Review

Orchids are among the special and unique flowering plants. They have a certain uncommon but pleasant appearance along with a soft and sweet scent. These flowering plants make lovely indoor and outdoor garden greens. There are various species of orchids available in different colors, sizes, shapes, foliage, growth patterns, etc. There are approximately 25,000 varieties … Read more

What Is Manjula Pothos?


In the world of plants, the Pothos are one very famous variety, known for their extreme garden-friendly qualities. Pothos is one of the easiest houseplants to grow. They are very low maintenance but come without any compromises in the display. They make the perfect indoor plants for busy but hearty garden enthusiasts! Pothos is a … Read more



Snowdrops are tiny plants that bear white flowers that hang downwards in a dropping manner. As the name states, the flowers are found growing around the end of winter. These small delicate-looking plants are among the very early spring plants that start blooming before spring season arrives, making its appearance in the latter parts of … Read more