12 Best Worm Composters In 2020

Composting your household and backyard waste is a great way to keep a good supply of organic fertilizers to your plants and gardens and also to dispose of wastes properly and without harming the environment.

Everyday kitchen wastes, clippings of grass or weeds, dried leaves, and flowers, etc. can be stored in composting bins and tumblers for months to convert it into useful natural fertilizers without the use of any chemicals.

Worm composting is a very environment and garden-friendly way of disposing of biodegradable waste. Vermi composting is a very simple method as well, all you have to do it add the waste in a proper storage tumbler or bin and the worms act on the waste themselves, eating and breaking down all the waste to speed the process of converting this waste into composting soil.

Vermicomposting is a rather simple method and takes hardly any manual effort. Getting the right kind of worm composter is one way to ease up this whole process.

There are a few rules and guidelines that must be kept in mind while getting a worm composter to suit your plant needs. We have for you the best-reviewed and well-functioning worm composters you can get in 2020 to continue and add the extra nourishment to your gardens.

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12 Best-reviewed Worm Composters for you:  

  1. URBAN WORM BAG (Version 2)


This worm composter is one of the best-reviewed composters you can have. This easy-to-use and attractive home composter bin is a very durable one and can make great organic fertilizer either inside or even outside your homes.

All you need to do is dump some household wastes, kitchen wastes, and dry newsprint, cardboards, sawdust, etc. and let this breathable bag do its job.

This is one of the most efficient vermicomposting systems as it uses a continuous flow-through system.

The fabric bag of this composter lets the waste inside it and the bacteria, fungi, and worms to breathe freely and carry out proper aeration.

The bag is made out of highly durable fabric material and is also water-resistant. It can hold up to 120 pounds of compost waste and soil altogether.

This bag is made in a way that it can be kept both, either inside the house or outside in the gardens or backyards. The look of the composter is designed in a way that it sets in properly with your household or garden.

It has special technology to keep any composting odor from the waste pile.

This entire set is easy to set up and is 31.75 inches high and 26.75 inches wide and long.

It has 3 essential layers that work well together in producing the most efficient compost.

With several benefits and easy assembling as well as maintaining technique, this worm bag composter is an all-rounder.



This composter is one with a multi-layer structure. According to your needs, you can either place this compost stacker inside the house or even outside in your gardens.

The thermo-siphon technology of airflow cancels out the odor and also makes this composter breathable, facilitating the process of breakdown. It measures only 18inches x 18inches and can be fit anywhere.

The 4 tray rack can be expanded and created to form an 8 tray rack. This can hold a lot of waste and you can keep piling on the new wastes and stack them on the top trays. The worms can migrate to the top trays by themselves and you need to out in no manual effort in at all.

This entire structure is easy to set up and fix and is accompanied by a guide to follow the instructions and use it accordingly.

It also includes a worm bedding and mineral rock dust to improvise and facilitate the process of composting.

The worm factory composter also contains a special slot for collecting the worm tea that is the extra moisture that drains out of the decomposing waste. This can be easily collected from the tray and used in the gardens directly.

This system is ultimately a beginner-friendly one and can go on for a long time composting your wastes into useful organic soil for your garden plants.



This product is one of the top reviewed ones when it comes to composting. It is built to suit your waste composting needs and carries out the job highly efficiently and is also simple to use.

It is designed to be kept outdoors and can hold a lot of waste for composting.

The hungry bin is large enough for you to pile up months of waste and it can process 2kg waste every day.

The composter is designed in a way to keep the worms in a comfortable environment where they can breathe and move around easily.

This is an easy to manage item and there is no requirement for removing or re-stacking trays. All you have to do is add new waste every day at the top of the collector bin and you can easily access the finished soil and worm tea through the bottom openings of the bin.

The entire structure is easy to fix and is also very sturdy. It also has wheels that can be used to move the composter as and when required.

Finally, this can be your choice of worm composter if you are looking for a hassle-free and study one which provides all the right needs for your waste to convert into the soil.



This item is a stock-piling model where you can keep adding your everyday wastes and the worms can easily access all the composting waste to break it down into organic soil.

This structure is very efficient to use one and can hold a lot of waste without taking enough space.

The built of it is made in such a way that it can be placed outdoors or even inside the house, as per your convenience.  The 16.5 x 16.5 dimensions of this tray modeled compost bin is so spatially efficient that it can accommodate anywhere in your house or even in the garden or backyard.

The composter is made for worms to efficiently work with around 5 pounds of waste every day without any trouble.

The setting up is simple and a guided instruction manual is provided to help you with the fixing of this structure. The bedding and worm along with the first pile of waste are to be placed in the bottom tray and with waste piling up the next trays can be used on top of one another and the worms will automatically make their way up to the trays on the top. The worms have a suitable condition to reproduce in the bin and this way you need not replace the worms or buy new ones.

The structure has an opening through which you can easily drain out the worm tea and use it in your gardens. The lid of the structure is shaped like a dome to enable proper air circulation inside the bin.

It is a very efficiently designed composter fit to meet your composting needs.


This highly-developed and attractive model of a worm composter is made to be used indoors. You can keep this designer and spatially convenient composter bin anywhere in the house and feed it with everyday bio-waste and kitchen scraps to let the red wiggly worms work and break the waste down into composting soil.

The bin has trays inside where you have to add in your compost waste and the worms begin their work of transforming this waste into vermicompost.

The structure comes with a lid and in-built odor-free technology which prevents any stinking from the waste pile and thus it can be kept inside the house. It also includes a worm tea collector.

It is a great tool to carry out year-round composting in your homes.

This design is a 51 x 38 x 61cms design and is very chic looking furniture which carries out breaking down of wastes efficiently to be used as garden fertilizer.



This composting bin is made out of heavy-duty material and is a very sturdy design and shape. This bin is one that has been around for long now and is one of the top-rated brands.

The durability makes it a very efficient composting bin to be kept outside even in the hot sun as this is made of UV protected material. The appearance of it hides in the backyard corner and continues to produce great quality garden composting soil with the help of worms.

This bin comes with a complete instructions guide to help you fix the structure. It is super easy and needs no extra tools.

The bin has a lot of holes on the surface to allow air circulation and a good amount of oxygen to assist the decomposition process.

This 26inches x 26inches x 30.75inches structure can fit in 65 gallons of waste to turn into compost.

This strongly built bin is long-lasting and resistant to deterioration by the weather. It has 4 doors to open access to the waste and converted compost.

This is a very reasonable and worthy product if you are looking for an efficient composter.



This is yet another version of the worm factory model and this one is a 3-tray worm composter.  This has dimensions – 16inches x 16inches, which makes it a convenient one for households with lesser space.

Just like the 4-tray model, this one also has to be provided with compost bedding, worms, and waste to begin the process of vermicomposting.

The worms move upwards layer by layer converting the waste into decomposed organic fertilizer for your garden soil. This model too has a worm tea collector tray where you can easily collect the excess drained water for fertilizing uses. The compact size makes it easy to store and handle bin.


This composter is made to suit your designer furniture look in your homes. It is one among the attractive and sleek looking worm composters out there. This vermicomposting bin has amazing display features and at the same, it carries out composting of wastes with worms very efficiently.

This model has filters that keep away the composting odor.  This bin is very sturdy and made to last even outside in the sun.

Dimensions: 15 x 15 x 22inches.

It has a special system to maintain the right amount of moisture inside the compost pile to provide a comfortable environment for the worms to live, and drains the excess moisture which can be used as worm tea.

It works in a tower sort of way where you can keep adding everyday wastes from the household until one layer fills up. Similarly, let the other layers fill up and the worms will move up and around to break down the wastes into organic compost.

Overall, this is both very functionally useful and attractive in look.


This composter is also a very effective and simple one that can either be placed indoors or out in the gardens. This is a great composter set that comes with 3 trays to store and convert waste, a collector tray, as well as a spigot to drain the leachate.

It is made out of 100% recycled plastic and is very durable. The kit consists of a book to guide you with vermicomposting. This entire bin is designed to keep away ants, flies, and other insects.

It is simple to feed in the bin with waste and let the rest be handled by the worms.

This tower-style design makes it spatially useful and you can carry out vermicomposting without any trouble.


Another product by Tumbleweed is the ‘Can O Worm’ bin for vermicomposting. This setup is very easy to fix and can be stored inside the house or even outside in the garden, garage, or backyard. It helps you in vermicomposting as it has an endless source of worm casts for your plant gardens.

This is a very useful product that is made from recycled plastic.

It has 2 large trays stacked on top of one another to store waste and carry on the breakdown. It comes with a spigot for draining the worm tea. The lid of this bin provides necessary aeration and also keeps away flies and insects.

This 20 x 20 x 25.6inches Can O Worm bin is a great choice for any household.


If you are looking for a compact-sized and efficient worm composter, this is the one you can opt for. This model is 11inches high and 15inches wide with a collector tray capacity of 2liters.

This is designed to fit into your decorated and well-furnished households and add to your indoor looks. It is small and can be kept outdoors too.

2 working trays can be moved and extra trays can be added as well. This model has optimal ventilation conditions for the worms to break down using enough oxygen.

The tray and casting collectors are easy to handle and also spill-free. It also comes with the worm tea collector which can be directly added to your plants.


This is a different one from the rest on the list. It is a 20inch bin which is designed to be inserted and buried underground in your gardens.

This bin is small and handy. It has an eight and half-gallon capacity and is more discreet than the other kind of worm composters available. It is a low-maintenance one to recycle and produce organic soil with wastes at home.

It does not require the casting to be taken out and spread in the soil. The worms can easily enter and leave the composter bin through the holes and it also facilitates aeration into the bin under the soil.

It can process around 2kgs of wastes per week. The lid of this can keeps away pests and other vermin. It is a good way of starting and a product for the value.


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