How do you care for Monstera Siltepecana?

                Monstera Siltepecana is a plant belonging to Monstera species that has very small leaves. It belongs to the family Araceae. They are the most trailing and popular species of Monstera. These species have very deep veins that have a dark green color and the leaves of the plant are very unusually shaped. The leaves have a very different and unique lance shape that makes the plant easily identified. This plant cannot grow without the support of any other plant.

                The plant Monstera Siltepecana has 2 stages of growth. One is the primary stage where it starts to grow from bud or seed to a huge plant and the next stage is the secondary growth where it develops holes on the leaves and plant surface. These holes are of medium size-not too small and not too huge. These holes may also help the plant in the process of transpiration when enough water is not available for the plants. These holes play a very important and crucial role for the Monstera Siltepecana plant in its unique way.

               The Monstera Siltepecana is a ubiquitous type of plant that can be found everywhere you look. They are not the very rare kind of species that are found in most places where normal plants are present, unlike the Monstera deliciosa, which is one of the non-ubiquitous and rarely growing species. So, Monstera Siltepecana is the best plant that you can nicely and easily care for.

Specialties of a Monstera Siltepecana plant:-

  • Evergreen rare species:

                 The plant species Monstera Siltepecana are usually found everywhere and anyone can buy them and keep them at their houses or offices as a decorative aspect. But these are not the evergreen type of plants. These are only the usual and normal kinds of plants. The evergreen plant species of Monstera Siltepecana are very rare and unusual and cannot be found everywhere you go searching for it.

                 These species have their individual properties different from the normal Monstera Siltepecana species that you may find anywhere. The evergreen species can only live in a particular climatic condition and cannot go out from there as they would die immediately out of their comfortable temperature conditions.

                 Therefore, the evergreen rare species of Monstera Siltepecana plant need special care and specific atmospheric conditions to survive and evolve.

  • Highly toxic plant types:

                 The species of Monstera Siltepecana plant are highly toxic and can cause huge harm if they are not treated properly. In case they come in contact with kids, it may cause poisoning or any allergies to them. So, while keeping a Monstera Siltepecana plant in your house, you need to make sure that you do not harm the kids (if any) in your house and do not discomfort the plant too.

                 Even if you don’t have any kids in your house, still you should be very careful about the presence of this plant as if any person in your house has any kind of allergies or their immunity is considerably weak, then they may catch infection very easily and fall ill.

So, make sure to comfort all your family members while buying and caring for your Monstera Siltepecana plant.

  • Specific zones are required by them to grow:

                All plants grow at their comfort levels and zones. These comfort levels of the plant are usually called as the growth zones of the plants. These growth zones vary according to the nature, life-cycle, and behavior of a particular plant. Monstera Siltepecana also has its own, individual growth zone or its comfort level where it does not have to adjust with the atmosphere and it grows much better when kept in that level of comfort.

                 If you want to keep a Monstera Siltepecana plant in your house, you also need to make sure about the cleanliness of that place is a very essential thing as it would considerably reduce the toxicity caused by the plant.

So, you should make sure that the location of the plant is always clean and green.

  • Particularity about the growing seasons of monstera siltepecana:

                 Monstera Siltepecana plants are very particular about their growing seasons. They do not grow or even try to grow in any other season. But in their stipulated seasons, if provided with proper care, they can grow to such a great extent that you can’t even imagine it to grow till there ever.

                 The main season of growth of Monstera Siltepecana is the month of March. This month is considered as the ideal month for the growth of the Monstera Siltepecana plant. The plant grows to a very great extent this month.

               This indirectly also proves that this plant needs a warm climate and atmosphere to grow and that they cannot handle winters at all.

Simple propagation method:

                Monstera Siltepecana plant is well known for its easily performable and achievable propagation methods. Only well-grown small stems are required to be re-planted in a new and fresh pot to make it propagate faster and better. This method also does not take any big or crucial steps to make the newly propagated plant to grow well.

                Therefore, this stem propagating method can be an easily accessible and simple method to multiple the plant species and take good care of them and that is the reason why Monstera Siltepecana is the most popular species among all the other species of the Monstera plant.

So, from the above-mentioned specialties of Monstera Siltepecana, you definitely would have got to know that Monstera Siltepecana is not so common plant species and needs special attention and care if you wish to see them grow taller, wider, and much stronger.

How can I care for my Monstera Siltepecana pant:-

              There are various ways in which one can take good care of his/her Monstera Siltepecana plant. Some of them have been recently used by me to make my plant become strong and grow wider and longer.

The easy and simple ways to care for the Monstera Siltepecana plant which I implemented can be as mentioned below-

  • Adequate watering:

               All the plants need an appropriate and adequate amount of water for their survival. This water can be gained by the plants in proper amounts if you know exactly what the water need of the plant is.

              Watering should be done in a measured quantity so that it neither dries up the plant nor block the air holes of the plant. For measured watering, the surface soil of them in the pot in which the Monstera Siltepecana plant is placed should be of 2 – 3 cm in height. When this surface soil gets dried up, then watering should be done up to the brim, so that even if the water quantity exceeds above the expected, still the plant would be easily able to absorb that much water content in it.

This is what made it easy for me to perform the watering process so easily and conveniently. This gives better results and helped the plant to grow considerably large and thickness.

  • Good temperature and light:

                 The plants of Monstera Siltepecana are light-loving species. They need a lot of light and a humid atmosphere to stay alive and grow longer. They are a fresh-light inheriting plant species. So, I made sure that I provide a proper amount of light, humidity, and adequate temperature. When bright light was provided to the Monstera Siltepecana, they grew very fast and also looked very alive and fresh.

                The Monstera Siltepecana can also live for a longer time in cooler temperatures. They are a tolerant kind of plant species and can easily cope up with the variations in the temperatures. So, I also made sure that I do provide them variable temperatures too, which would help the plant is gradually increasing its tolerating capacity towards fluctuating temperatures, humidity, and weather conditions.

  • Closely watching the plant growth:

              The Monstera Siltepecana plant is somewhat a climber-type of the plant. It constantly needs the support of the other plant to grow wider and longer. But, when

              provided long and stiff support, the plant grows to a very large length. So, I made sure that I provide good support to my Monstera Siltepecana and watch it growing huge and tall day-to-day.

            Originally, when a plant is being bought by a person, it has a very short length. But, eventually, it grows to a Monstera Siltepecana plant would be around 25-30 cm but as it grows taller and stronger, it may grow much more than its original size. This is the strongest and best ability of a plant in itself.

  • Keeping up to the requirements of the plant:

              It usually happens with us that we bring a plant at home very happy and with full enthusiasm, but forget to take proper care of it. This causes a huge loss to the plant as it gets neglected and loses its charm and freshness. I did it with a lot of my plants and regretted it a lot later. But while caring for my Monstera Siltepecana, I made sure that I do not do the same thing again.

            Caring for Monstera Siltepecana through its whole life-span is very important as it needs continuous care and attention to grow more and more. Therefore, you need to make sure that you never neglect or leave your Monstera Siltepecana alone and that you always be cautious about its growing speed and style.

            That is why, if you want to grow a Monstera Siltepecana plant in your belongings, then you need to be extra careful and alert about its growing style and life-span, otherwise you, my friend, are in great trouble, as the plant would not support you anymore in making your belongings happy, fresh, and special in the view of other people.

  • Regular checking and shuffling the soil of the plant:

            Usually, people care for their plants a lot, but in the wrong way. They usually think that watering their plants at regular intervals and providing them enough light, humidity, and moisture from time-to-time is more than enough for the plant to be happy and grow faster. But that’s not the whole truth. A plant needs one more very important thing to grow and propagate faster and that is shuffling off the soil from time-to-time.

           Soil shuffling is the process of renewing the soil present in the pot that supports the growth of the plant. Old soil from the surface is regularly shuffled with the new soil properly and evenly throughout the pot and then watering is done, so that the air holes present in the soil helps the plant in breathing fresh air and absorbing more moisture in itself than the old soil, that would otherwise clot the plant due to clamping taking place inside it.

              So now you know what to include and what not to include in your caring tips for your Monstera Siltepecana plant.

Although, this step is the most important of all the other, so, it should be performed not only for the Monstera Siltepecana plant but for growing all the other plants too.

The above description and briefing would have made your mind much clear about the nature, lifestyle, and behavior of the Monstera Siltepecana plant to a very considerable rate. Now the thing that was most important for me was to take good care of my Monstera Siltepecana and fulfill all its necessities so that it grows taller and wider as of my expectations and would make my surroundings and belongings much better than they were before.

I also agree with the fact that these are the most easily achievable and highly creditable steps and methods and anyone who wants to really and deeply cares about their Monstera Siltepecana plant would implement them in their life for the betterment of their Monstera Siltepecana. Therefore, I wish luck to all of those who are reading this and from the bottom of my heart, I hope that they also become successful in growing huge Monstera Siltepecana plants, as I did, following my stated methods and steps.


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