What Is Manjula Pothos?


In the world of plants, the Pothos are one very famous variety, known for their extreme garden-friendly qualities. Pothos is one of the easiest houseplants to grow. They are very low maintenance but come without any compromises in the display. They make the perfect indoor plants for busy but hearty garden enthusiasts! Pothos is a … Read more



Snowdrops are tiny plants that bear white flowers that hang downwards in a dropping manner. As the name states, the flowers are found growing around the end of winter. These small delicate-looking plants are among the very early spring plants that start blooming before spring season arrives, making its appearance in the latter parts of … Read more

Does Peperomia Clean Air?


Peperomia plants are schematic root shrubs that develop to a zenith of 20-45 cms. Peperomia plants appear usually closed compact, rarely developing in an indoor setting. Peperomia plants have features of sturdy stems and many fleshy leaves with moistness. Peperomia plants are generally loved for their attractive and impressive foliage and their flowers are not … Read more

How fast does watermelon peperomia grow?


The Peperomia Family: According to research, there are nearly 1,000 plants in the Peperomia family. The different kinds of plants that belong to the Peperomia family tend to share some common characteristics among themselves; some of which are, they all are small and are easy to grow. Numerous gardeners evolve contrasting variations of peperomia consecutively … Read more

Does Peperomia Need Sunlight?


Peperomia plants distinguish fleshy stems connecting heart-shaped leaves with the seeds to fruiting spikes. Leaves are in red, gray, or pale green colors at its boundaries. Peperomia is a shallow root shrub that grows to a height of 8 to 12 inches. Peperomia is slow developing plants, not developing more than one foot (30 cm). … Read more

Yellow Roots Of Orchids What Does It Mean

Yellow Roots Of Orchids What Does It Mean

Orchids add captivating features of bright color to their surroundings. These graceful orchid plants have specific water requirements though. Orchids grow in two different ways in a style of growth. They are: Monopodial Sympodial Orchids are decorative plants with graceful representation and delicate features. It is said that orchids represented a symbol of strength. There … Read more

Why Do Flowers Of Orchids Fall Off?


Orchids have a unique appearance. They are captivating and almost look like artificial flowers in their perfection. Orchids are one of the greatest flowering plant families. They are decorative plants with graceful representation and delicate features. Orchids represented a symbol of strength. There are about 25000 species of orchids and around 800 genres out of … Read more