10 Recommended Products For Indoor Gardening I Can Find Online

Gardening is a great hobby and it is therapeutic for both – the individual and their environment. Indoor gardening has been growing in the modern-day and age as a creative hobby.

Planting greens and flowers in your homes can have many environmental, health, and psychological benefits. Indoor and outdoor gardening has also been growing as an interior and exterior décor activity.

Plants can be grown for ornamental purposes and even vegetables and other edible plants and herbs can be grown indoors or in your balconies, terraces, gardens, and backyards.

Indoor gardening can often be a challenging task as essential plant requirements such as light, temperature, and spacing, etc. cannot be always efficiently met.

To cover these needs of a plant growing indoors some various tools and products are available and can be used to provide your indoor greens with all its necessities. From automated machines and sensing systems to arranged racks, pots, and shelves, you can find almost anything and everything that you need for your indoor plants, online.

With advancing technology and newer gadgets being introduced to make home gardening and indoor farming easier, it is getting more convenient day by day to grow plants, flowers, herbs, and ornamental greens at home.

With scientifically advanced methods and self-regulated, smart machines, you can provide your plant with all it needs very effectively.

Let us look at 10 such products that can help you in your gardening venture and can make it simpler and convenient.

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10 Recommended products for your indoor garden:

  1. The Smart Garden 3 – Click and Grow

This gadget is an indoor garden in itself. It is an innovative way of growing herbs and edible plants all year round. It is generally difficult to grow a certain herb in the house throughout the year as with seasonal changes, the requirements of the plants are not effectively accomplished.

Homes and kitchen gardens also commonly lack the proper sunlight source and exposure which these herbs prefer.

These problems can be easily solved with new ‘Click and grow’ smart garden. It is a self-regulating and watering planter which has built-in light and smart seeding and planting pods inspired by the NASA- smart soil.

The smart garden also has the perfect amount of nutrients that make your greens healthy and flavorful.

The pH of the soil is kept balanced inside this smart growing system and the roots are also supplied with oxygen just as required.

It has automated sensors to provide your herbs with the right amount of LED light to facilitate growth. This growing system also has an efficient watering technique. It can store and provide water to the herbs for 3 weeks.

This set comes with complimentary basil seeds and a variety of more than 50 plants and herbs to choose from.

All in all, this is a well-managed growing system with app and video guidelines, and is an overall efficient one-time investment for your indoor gardens.

  1. The Modern Sprout Growhouse

This beautifully designed gadget is well-suited for your home garden. This is a smart management and growth system for your indoor plants and herbs such as – basil, parsley, watercress, rosemary, etc.

With this efficient and less space-consuming stainless steel structure, you can grow your plants all year round without worrying about too much tending and manual plant care.

The pricing is worth the value of time and effort you save as well as the perfect gardening results.

The system comes with a brass-plated steel structure and a planter, 2 LED light adjustable strips, a hanging facility, power cords for regulating the device, and a thoroughly guided manual to handle this modern Growhouse through its smart app.

It is also eco-friendly, warranted, and low power consuming.

Controlling your plants is now advanced, automated, and only a click away with this smart and strategically efficient garden kit.

  1. The Pikaplant Geo H2O

This is a modern ceramic planter and an included water reservoir. The Pikaplant is an Amsterdam based design of a natural aquifer that slowly and eventually provides the plants with their water needs. This can be used to grow succulents, herbs, flowering plants, etc.

The in-built reservoir only needs to be filled once in a while with water and it will keep supplying the water to your plants as and when necessary. This reduces the manual effort required.

It carries out an effected dry and wet cycle to let the plant acquire the moisture it needs and also to stay dry enough so that the roots are not hampered. With this new and advanced automated plant watering system, your plants will never wilt or droop, that too without any actual effort.

All you need is to invest in this Geosystem and place the potted plant reservoir filled with water in a suitable location and watch your greens grow fresh and healthy.

  1. The Krydda/Vaxer indoor smart kitchen set by IKEA

Ikea has always made household tasks fun and easy with its convenient and efficiently stylish and structured products. It does not give up its customer satisfactory and useful product prophecy.

The Krydda/Vaxer is an indoor hydroponic system of growing plants and herbs. Using this efficient technology merged with the essential uses of the hydroponic system is the best it can get.

Hydroponics is a technique of growing plants without the use of soil as a growing medium. The roots are suspended in a growing liquid medium which supplied the necessary nutrients that are needed for the plant’s growth.

This effective, advanced, smart, and reasonable gardening kit is available in a variety of sizes to suit your home and kitchen spaces.

This uses LED light growers to supply the plants with enough light exposure. The kit is available in either one-tier structure or a two-tier structure. Overall, this product is very space-efficient and also comes with additional LED lights, fertilizers, and seeds.

It is a gardening kit of great value and with this, you only need to water your plants once weekly and can enjoy year-round growth of your kitchen herbs and greens in a systematic and eco-friendly way.

  1. The Mkono Ceramic Hanging Planter

Talking about a plant potting a storage structure that is both less space-consuming and stylish, the Mkono Ceramic Hanging Planter is just the one you’ve been looking for.

It is not only extremely useful but also very attractive with its sleek and sophisticated planter.

This double or triple-decker hanging planter is made out of white ceramic and ropes which adds the calming aesthetic look. This hanger is suitable for growing herbs, small plants, succulents, ferns, etc.

The pots are 6.5inch long, 2.5inch high, and 3.75inch wide. The pots also have drainage holes for the plants to satisfactorily adapt to the soil and grow well.

The product only needs to be hung in a good sunny and convenient corner of your room or kitchen. This also has good reviews and a 4.3 star rating on Amazon, making it a perfectly functional and ornamental plant holder and hanger.

  1. The Amazing Creation Stackable Planter


This product is another efficiently spaced potting structure for your indoor and kitchen gardens. If you are worried that your kitchen or rooms do not have a spacious area for you to grow a variety of herbs and small plants, then this truly amazing creation stackable planter is perfect for the task.

This is an innovatively built 15 pots structure in a 5-tier vertical planter. The pots are stacked on top of one another in a formation that is comfortable for the plants to grow in.

Along with the many numbers of pots altogether, this planter structure also has a very well-planned drainage facility. It includes drainage grids that are built-in and all of these collect the excess water which is finally drained out from the bottom-most tier.

The planter structure is very easy to fix, set up, and handle and solves your problem of space letting you plant many little herbs or plants in one efficient potting system.

You can even place this structure outside in the balconies or gardens. It is beautifully built and adds a good display as well.

  1. AeroGarden Classic with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit

This smart indoor gardening kit is a high-rated and a good-performing hydroponic system which grows kitchen herbs with the most efficient features.

With this hydroponic planting system, you can grow all kinds of herbs you want without requiring any soil and in a carefree and low-maintenance manner, that too, all year round.

If your window area is not spacious enough or there isn’t proper lighting in your interiors to support the growth of plants, then this efficient hydroponic way to growing edible herbs has got you covered.

This kit has a 20watt LED inbuilt grow-light system which helps in increasing the duration of photosynthesis in a plant.

The controlling system is automated and will sense and regulate the lighting setup as per the plant’s needs.

This kit also notifies you to add the necessary nourishment and water to the system for the plant. This nutrition pack comes along with the kit.

As it uses the hydroponic method, it does not require potting soil or a need to transplant the plants.

The entire kit also includes 6 gourmet herbs in soilless pods, they are – Genovese Basil, Parsley, thyme, mint, dill, and Thai basil. All of these herbs grow efficiently healthily and give you the great herb flavor for your dishes.

  1. The worth Garden Self—dripping Vertical Garden Wall planters

Vertical gardens are both functionally and spatially efficient and add a creatively attractive touch to your gardens. Growing herbs in these pocket-garden and vertically structured setups is very comfortable and low-maintenance.

This hanging planter pot kit comes with a pack of 9 planter pots that can be hung up in a 3 by 3 row and column arrangement.

It saves space and is a display-worthy placement of plants. These planter pots can accommodate kitchen herbs, succulents, small ornamental plants, and some flowering plants as well.

There are bigger sets of pots available and some also in different sizes to suit the planting needs and preferences.

  1. Mr. Stacky Smart Farm

This product is a highly-functioning and advanced growing system. Mr. Stacky Smart farm is an aeroponic way of vertical farming in your houses.

It is a towering arrangement of small pots that can be used to grow around 20 small plants and kitchen herbs altogether.

This gardening kit comes along with a pack of non-GMO seeds like cucumber, tomato, eggplant, lettuce, basil, etc. The necessary accessories to run this automatic and self-watering system are also provided along with the kit.

The kit also consists of plant food and a pH testing set to get started with your plantings. With this advancement in the field of indoor gardening, you can easily grow herbs and other edible plants all year long.

The balanced guidelines and mentioned controlling systems ensure good and healthy growth of the crops and assure fool-proof high-quality indoor plants.

This is an expensive investment, but its yields are worth the price. It also has a 4 star Amazon rating.

  1. The Mindful Design LED Indoor Herb Garden with Timer

This is the best decorative as well as functional apparatus that you can get to suit your indoor gardening needs. Be it herbs, edible plants, or other ornamental houseplants, this stacking system is great to add to your indoor garden look.

It would look great anywhere, be it at the kitchen, by a window, or wherever. The pots placed in this designed apparatus do not need to be placed by a natural source of light as it comes with a LED lighting system that provides the plants with enough light required for the growth.

This structure is automated and runs a cycle of providing the plants with light whenever required.  The potted plants can be kept in this setup and it can be placed anywhere according to your convenience. This is a smart design and along with supplying light, it also adds to the décor element and creates a spatially efficient setup in your indoor gardens.


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